Bowood is a 4,000 acre country estate, set in the heart of Wiltshire. The estate has been home to the Lansdowne family since 1754 and the current custodian, the 9th Marquis of Lansdowne is passionate about sustainability. In the last 50 years alone, Bowood has planted over 1.2 million trees. We estimate that Bowood’s woodlands offset more than 1,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year.

Bowood’s sustainability policy is to continually reduce the environmental impact of all of our activities. We are committed to safeguarding the Estate’s heritage assets and landscape while contributing to the fight against climate change. The estate comprises Bowood House & Gardens, a Hotel, Spa, and Golf Resort as well as the wider Estate operation. Combined, our pledge and key sustainability objectives are:

By 2022, to operate comprehensive recycling facilities in all business areas
By 2023, to substantively phase out single-use plastics in all business areas
By 2024, to purchase 50% of services & consumable supplies from within 50 miles
By 2025, to generate renewable energy on the Estate
By 2030, to reduce direct fossil fuel (oil, gas, and fuel) consumption by 50%

The estate is working hard on future sustainability initiatives. Below you can view the initiatives already in place:


The Bowood Hotel’s sustainability initiatives are as follows:

The Biomass Boiler at Bowood Hotel is powered by woodchip from the Estate, providing renewable heating and hot water throughout the hotel.

The primary water supply for the PGA Golf Course irrigation system is the Estate’s private water supply.

Management of the 200-acre PGA Golf Course has evolved since its opening in 1992 to now incorporate c.60 acres of wildflower grassland. Other than limited sheep grazing once per year, these areas are left untouched to encourage a diversity of flowers and wildlife, directly alongside c.30,000 rounds of golf played each year.

There are four rapid electric vehicle charging points on site. In the last year alone, this has saved over 7,368kg of CO2 versus s petrol journeys. We are actively seeking to roll out charging facilities in other areas on the Estate, encouraging sustainable travel to and from Bowood.

We have reduced over 90% of single-use plastic in hotel bedrooms, our aim is to remove all by 2023.

All 43 hotel bedrooms have LED lighting fitted. All bathroom lighting will be LED by early 2023. Hotel car park lights are 65% LED’s. We plan to install light sensors in all resort toilets and internal corridors by the end of 2023.

We have recently created a guest digital APP, filled with key information about the resort, with a view to reducing paper information packs and leaflets.

The historic Walled Gardens at Bowood House produce a wide range of vegetables and fruit, supplying the Hotel’s Shelburne Restaurant with delicious seasonal produce. Our floral displays in the Hotel are sourced directly from the Walled Garden and estate.

Recycling bins have been introduced on the 10th, 11th, and 12th tees on the Golf Course. The Hotel is currently trialling a cardboard bailer in our waste collection compound.

Two-thirds of the Bowood Hotel workforce live within five miles of Bowood.

The extensive leisure and health facilities available at Bowood (including the House & Gardens, PGA Golf Course, Restaurants, and Spa) offer valuable lifestyle and wellbeing resources to the local community.


The Bowood House & Gardens sustainability initiatives are as follows:

A visitor experience APP has been developed to reduce the number of maps and paper we distribute to House & Gardens visitors throughout the open season.

Season Ticket Membership Cards are made from 100% recycled paper, ready to recycle again at the end of the season. We are working hard to move entirely to digital processes for the 2023 season.

Comprehensive recycling facilities are in place throughout the House & Gardens and Estate Offices.

The primary water supply for Bowood House, the Gardens, and the PGA Golf Course irrigation system is the Estate’s private water supply. Use of the private supply to water the gardens and golf course materially reduces the Estate’s reliance on treated mains water.

The historic Walled Gardens at Bowood House produce a wide range of vegetables and fruit. Where historically this produce was exclusively used within the private house, it now supplies The Stables, Treehouse Cafe, and Hotel restaurants with local, seasonal produce. We continue to seek to source restaurant produce locally, wherever possible.



The Bowood Estate’s sustainable initiatives are as follows:

Bowood plants thousands of trees every year, totalling in excess of 1.2 million during the last 50 years. We estimate that Bowood’s woodlands offset more than 1,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year. All trees planted at Bowood are carefully sourced from sustainable suppliers and then managed throughout their lifetime, through weed and vermin control, pruning, and thinning.

The majority of felled trees are either be sold as sustainable timber (for example, for use in construction), utilised to repair properties on the Estate, or used as woodchip for our 500kw biomass boiler. The biomass boiler provides the heating and hot water for the Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort, and is entirely supplied with woodchip from trees grown on the Estate.

We manage habitats on a landscape scale, including a 300-acre conservation area and wildlife sanctuary in Great Wood, and a wetland bird habitat surrounding the 35 acre Bowood Lake.

We are proud to preserve a unique collection of 700 trees within the arboretum, including a number of incredibly rare or critically endangered species.

We have reviewed and significantly reduced mowed areas within the Park by approximately 20%, thereby encouraging a greater diversity of flowers and wildlife.

The Estate’s farmland contains c.700 acres of permanent pasture, predominantly grazed by sheep. Not only is this grassland low or zero input, but the sheep provide a sustainable and effective way of managing the landscape, limiting the need for fossil-fuel-burning machinery. There are 500 acres of this grassland managed under Countryside Stewardship, to formalise these existing sustainable practices.

The Estate continues to support important community facilities, including providing the land for the Derry Hill Village Hall, Football Ground, and Scouts Hut.

Two-thirds of the Estate’s workforce live within five miles of their workplace, reflecting Bowood’s position as a local employer of choice. Not only does this benefit the local economy, but it supports the Estate’s ambition to mitigate its environmental impact as an employer, by limiting commuting distances.

The Estate maintains 13 miles of footpath, bridleway, and permissive paths.


Bowood’s Culture
We believe in providing a working environment where everyone can give their best, we do this through encouraging mutual trust, collaboration, respect, and encouraging everyone to accept the concept of individual responsibility. We want our team members to be proud of working for Bowood and we in turn want to be proud of our team.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
We strive to promote a working environment that values employees as individuals, an environment that encourages diversity and inclusion and appreciates the business benefits these principles bring. We are committed to allowing our teams to reach maximum potential by providing opportunities to learn and develop.

You can read our full Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy here.