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A warm welcome to all eager young minds.

Bowood House & Gardens offers a bespoke educational programme for Nursery and Primary Schools, including a variety of topics to stimulate and inspire. A typical educational visit begins with a unique and valuable learning experience, before heading off for talks, tours and activities, including time in the Adventure Playground.

  • Young Adult aged between 13-16 years £9.25
  • Juniors aged between 7 – 12 years £8.00
  • Children aged between 2 – 6 years £6.00
  • A minimum of 15 children – free admission for one member of staff with every five children.
  • Available during our opening season, between 10:00am. to 6:00pm.

New for 2019 Queen Victoria and Albert Exhibition

Victoria, Albert and the Lansdownes.

Bowood House & Gardens will be marking the 200th anniversary of the births of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with a special exhibition in The Orangery of Bowood House. ‘Victoria, Albert and the Lansdownes’ will reveal the important political  and cultural roles played by the 3rd, 4th and 5th Marquesses of Lansdowne that helped to shape Victorian Britain.

Become a farmer!

Visit Tractor Ted Little Farm.

Bringing to life many of the farming stories told by Tractor Ted and engaging children with the fun of the countryside and farming. Children can meet friendly farm animals, see chicks hatching and watch Tractor Ted real action films. Key stage 1 & 2.

Home of Discovery: Oxygen to Photosynthesis

Understand the cycle of photosynthesis and how plants grow.

Two exceptional scientists, Dr Joseph Priestley and Jan Ingenhousz made incredible discoveries in their lifetimes, some in the Laboratory at Bowood House. Key Stages 1 & 2.

Mini Beasts, Nature and Trees

Become a detective for the day and search the grounds of Bowood.

Identify different types of animals that live below ground as well as above and understand the surrounding nature they live and feed off. Key stage 1 & 2.

How historic homes were used in the midst of war

The journey of Bowood Estate, pre to post WWI.

An insight into Bowood House and how it was used as a hospital during the war; understanding how the family, servants and Estate workers all played their part. Key stage 1 & 2.

Shapes and Maths

An introduction to Bowood…

An inspiring tour of Bowood House, encouraging children to count, look at shapes and identify different colours; both inside and outside the Georgian House. Key stage 1.

Architecture and Landscapes

The evolution of Bowood House & Park…

Robert Adam, C.R Cockerel, Sir Charles Barry, Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown are but a few of the people who influenced the beautiful home Bowood House is today. A tour of Bowood House, designed to inspire curiosity and build upon pupils’ knowledge. Key stage 1 and 2.

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