Educational visits to Bowood House & Gardens

Beautifully Inspired Learning

Here at Bowood House & Gardens we are passionate about exciting educational experiences that inspire young minds and bring learning to life.


A warm welcome to all eager young minds.

Join us for an immersive visit where you can admire the wonders of our natural world and learn more about our rich local history. Every session is packed with hands-on activities, interactive demonstrations and fascinating stories to ignite curiosity that will last a lifetime.

We offer several themed sessions across the academic year, designed for children aged 4 to 11 years old. Our dedicated leaders will guide you through your morning where you can absorb all that nature has to offer. You have flexibility and freedom to continue your journey into the afternoon, with exclusive use of The Gardener’s Bothy to act as your base for the day.

For all educational visits we would advise a familiarisation visit to Bowood House & Gardens, for up to two teaching staff a complimentary day pass, prior to your educational visit, to help you prepare and plan accordingly.


Numbers and Ratios:

For every five paying children we allow one complimentary adult. Staff who are employed in a 1:1 role for children with educational needs have complimentary entry. Please note that children are the responsibility of the lead teacher at all times.

Pricing and Payment:

We charge £7.80 for each child for groups of 15 or more children. This includes entry into Bowood House & Gardens, an educational session lasting between 90-120 minutes including a tour of the grounds, and access to self-led activities for the afternoon.

Full payment must be made 14 days prior to the visit.

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further information.

Structure of the day

Educational visits are available within term times only (15th April 2024 to 23rd October 2024)

A member of our Educational Team will meet you upon arrival at Admissions.

You will have access to The Gardener’s Bothy, which will act as your base for the day. Here you can storage coats, bags, lunchboxes and other belongings for the duration of your visit.

Our Educational Tour Guide will provide an Introduction prior to commencing your educational tour. Following the tour, you will be left to enjoy your lunch after which we invite you to take part in our self-led activities.

An itinerary to include timings will be provided following correspondence with our Educational Team.

Bowood House & Gardens Sessions

Step into a world where nature excels in the most remarkable ways at Bowood House & Gardens. Embark on a journey where learning literally comes alive.

‘Sleeping Seeds’ (EYFS & KS1) – With adaptable content for younger or older students, this session exposes children to a wide variety of seeds and plants around the grounds of Bowood. From identifying living and non-living things to determining what a seed or plant needs to survive. An exciting and engaging introduction to the wonders of our natural world.

‘Roots and Shoots’ (Lower KS2) – By comparing plants and discussing environmental changes, children can explore how growth can be changed or altered. We look into the functional features in a variety of plants throughout the vast gardens and hidden depths of the arboretum.

‘Leaves and Lungs’ (Upper KS2) – The scientific processes of gas exchange and the co-dependency between animals and plants can be seen before your very eyes. We bring history to life based on the incredible discovery of oxygen by Joseph Priestley and leave you in awe of his phenomenal work.

The Cycle of Life Sessions

Join us for an enchanting school visit to Bowood’s Walled Gardens, where the magic of nature surrounds you and you are immersed in every stage of ‘The Cycle of Life.’

‘Seed Searching’ (EYFS & KS1) – Within the walled gardens, children can investigate how different plants produce different seeds and how the power of nature enables them to be carried far and wide. The life cycle of a plant is seen in all stages while in the safe and secure enclosed garden.

‘Birds and Bees’ (Lower KS2) – The vital role of insects and minibeasts in the process of plant reproduction is witnessed first hand within the walled gardens. Vibrant colours and sweet smells support the fertilisation process and children can peep in between petals to identify the reproductive parts of a flower.

‘Pollinate or Propagate’ (Upper KS2) – The walled gardens are the perfect place to investigate how different plants reproduce. From skipping out the seed cycle, sending out runners and grafting fruit trees; it can all be discovered within our four gardens. Propagating plants and nurturing them to grow is an opportunity not to be missed.

A Sense of Wonder

‘A Sense of Wonder’ at Bowood’s Walled Gardens promises a day of delight, discovery, and memories that will linger long after the visit ends. Come along and let your senses dance in the realm of nature’s beauty.

‘Sights and Smells’ (EYFS & KS1) – A session designed for children to stop and see every small detail in the safety of our garden, from patterns to shapes and more. Familiar smells and discovering where they come from is also a delightful way to illustrate the uses of plants in our everyday life.

‘Taste and Touch’ (Lower KS2) – The walled gardens are bursting with flavour which we can’t wait to share with you. A world of textures and sensations are desperate to be touched under the watchful eye of our guides. This session invites children to brave the unknown and trust their super senses.

‘Five Senses’ (Upper KS2) – This session asks big questions to provoke debates on plants being helpful or harmful to our bodies. We put our senses to the test and see if they are good at keeping us safe from harm. A powerful session that aims to educate children on the incredible substances plants can produce.

Overview of all Sessions

Although sessions can take place in isolation, we recommend booking 3 visits across the year to truly see the changes in nature and build on previous knowledge and understanding.

Our sessions are progressive in content, with coverage across the EYFS, National Curriculum programmes of study in science and working scientifically.

House & Gardens The Cycle of Life A Sense of Wonder
EYFS & KS1 Sleeping Seeds Seed Searching Sights and Smells
Lower KS2 Roots and Shoots Birds and Bees Taste and Touch
Upper KS2 Leaves and Lungs Pollinate or Propagate Five Senses
Suggested dates September – October April – May June – July


Year 6 Leavers Days Out available early-mid July

£9.20 per child aged 12 years and under. For groups of 15 or more children.

Includes access to Bowood House and Terrace Gardens, Arboretum, Doric Temple, Cascade and Hermits Cave. Children have access to The Adventure Playground (for 12yrs and under) and The Den (for 7yrs and under).

For every five paying children we allow one complimentary adult. Staff who are employed in a 1:1 role for children with educational needs have complimentary entry. Please note that children are the responsibility of the lead teacher at all times.

For more information and to book a No Education School Group Visit to Bowood House & Gardens, please email our Group Sales Coordinator – Lisa Kent on or call 01249 810968.

For more Information

Please contact  Lisa Kent, Groups Sales Coordinator via our enquiry form.


Alternatively please contact Lisa via email:

Or telephone: 01249 810 968


We are happy to provide support with completing risk assessments and share our own risk assessments with you if needed.

Please note that we have areas of open water, so you may need your risk assessment approved at Local Authority level.

We have a First Aid Hut within the Adventure Playground located behind the Kiosk. Each department on site is equipped with a first aid kit, but you may find it more practical to bring your own compact kit, including individual children’s inhalers and medication.


Our Gardens and Grounds are shared with members of the public. We recognise that children with Sensory Processing Disorders, or those who have additional needs, may require additional information. Please consult with our staff if applicable.

Most of the paths across Bowood House & Gardens are gravel with a few cobbled areas. The paths close to The Gardener’s Bothy are relatively flat, but some areas are steep and can be slippery in damp weather. Areas of steep incline are marked on the map.

The Gardener’s Bothy has one step at the main entrance. The majority of the Gardens are wheelchair accessible, except for the Rose Gardens on the lower terrace. The ground floor of the House is accessible by standard sized wheelchairs.

Please discuss any accessibility queries with our staff when booking so we can provide support and guidance.

Accessible toilets are located in:

  • Bowood House
  • Treehouse Café
  • The Gardeners’ Bothy