Would you love a garden that always looks good, even from your window? Do you love flowers, but would like to learn to arrange them better?

A variety of flower arranging and garden design workshops running throughout the year teaching people ways of expressing their creativity and love of nature’s beauty both inside and outside their own homes.

Come and learn the methods professionals use to create beautiful gardens and the techniques florists adopt to make stunning floral displays. And you’ll have plenty of time to explore the grounds at Bowood afterwards as our workshops are either half day or short full days – perfect for fitting around our busy lives and an ideal gift.

Crafty Gardener Workshops

Failsafe Garden Plants - 6th April 2022

Learn from the professionals how to select the right plants for your garden plus top tips to help them flourish.

Planning Garden Borders - 18th May 2022

Learn the professional way to plan your planting to make your garden look good all year round.

Vase Arrangement - 15th June 2022

Learn the florist’s way to make a beautiful floral vase display.

Creating Garden Plans - 6th July 2022

Learn the professional way to design and plan your garden layout.

Hand Tied Bouquet - 21st September

Learn the florist’s way to make a beautiful hand tied bouquet.