Record visit to be rewarded with a lifetime family season ticket to enjoy Bowood House & Gardens’ many attractions for all age-groups...

Having first opened to the public in 1975, Bowood’s House & Gardens annually attracts some 120,000 visitors – from toddlers to senior citizens. The five millionth visitor will be welcomed at some point this summer – and that person will be rewarded with a complimentary lifetime family season ticket.

A little bit of history...

It was back in 1975 the current Lord Lansdowne opened the House and Gardens in the centre of Capability Brown’s great park, initially welcoming 18,000 people in that first year.

Forty-Four years later visitors can wander through two-thirds of the House including the Laboratory (where Dr Joseph Priestley discovered oxygen gas on 1st August 1774) and fascinating Exhibition Rooms.

The Adventure Playground (for children aged up to 12 years) was opened in 1976, since when almost 50,000 children have visited annually.  The life-size pirates’ galleon and drop slide (made from Estate timber), dare-devil swings and challenging slides continue to be as popular today as they were 43 years ago.

Many attractions have since been added including the Partridge Play Pen, Soft Play, Tractor Ted’s Little Farm and others.

Our five millionth visitor and their family will get to know every nook and cranny and will witness the continued evolution of improvements which make Bowood one of the most popular historic houses in the country to visit.


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