Back in the days of chunky film cameras, wedding photography was a regimented affair. No low light settings, no tardis-like storage cards, no point and shoot.

The photographer would round up guests, like herding cats, and stage colossal group photos and austere portraits. Even with versatile digital cameras, the conservatism of weddings is persistent.

Traditions, traditions. Thankfully, evolution has picked up its pace and attitudes are changing.

Now, for your wedding, the photography can be endlessly creative, and far more naturalistic. Even portraits can be inventive. We’re in a golden age of technological and artistic possibility. Do you want Victorian style “oops, the camera’s over here” “no smiles please” snaps of your big day? Of course not.

Read on, for this year’s top photo thinking.

Trend #1 – Relaxed Wedding Vibes

This isn’t so much a trend, as a reflection on how we’ve changed as a society.

The formality of traditions, and old-fashioned weddings isn’t what we’re after. We want humanity captured. The tears of happiness, the belly laughs.

If your wedding reception is chilled out, perhaps with soulful street food, and no seating plan—it’ll be the perfect backdrop for photo-realism.

Trend #2 – Hashtags & Hip Filters

Alright, here’s the deal. Wedding photographers can get upset if you slap Instagram filters over their mini works of art.

Much editing and post-processing work goes into finished wedding photos. Some may include a copyright clause in their contract.

However, you have phones, as will your guests. Why not set up a personalised Insta hashtag and get arty?

Trend #3 – Photojournalism Style

Documentary wedding photography, or reportage is taking off in a big way. It’s about telling the complete story of your wedding day, from start to finish.

There’s nothing so natural as the morning before your ceremony. You cannot pose, and it cannot be staged (or shouldn’t).

This fly on the wall style photography guarantees your wedding pics a candidness, and authenticity old-style methods can’t.

Trend #4 – Personal Not Generic

Imagine if, every detail of your wedding was decided for you. Your dress or suit, the flowers, the invitations, the place cards, décor—everything.

What makes your wedding, is the fact it’s your wedding. Right down to the fine print. You didn’t want care bears on your invites, you wanted Beatrix Potter characters. And, oh no, the place cards are in comic sans. The worst.

Your wedding is your dream. You have all the little details planned. It’s these that will help set off your wedding photos.

The more individual you can make your wedding, the better the photos.

Trend #5 – First Look, a Game Changer

This is a lovely trend, becoming more and more popular.

Traditionally (that word again), the father of the bride is a stoic figure, handing his daughter over to her soon-to-be husband.

Really, he’s a loving and proud dad—and this illuminates it. The idea is to capture the precise moment dad sees daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.

We still live in a society where it’s not always easy for men to show their emotion, and this cuts through that in a moving way.

Trend #6 – Fun.

Fun can’t be a trend, surely? It’s not really. It’s a mind set when it comes to picking keepers from your wedding photos.

It’s about remembering they don’t have to be perfect: it’s okay to show yourselves, your family, and friends in an honest way.

When you look back on them over the years, knowing they are raw and genuine will help you re-live one of the best days of your life.

Red Maple Photography at Bowood

At Bowood we work closely with Alicia, of the award-winning Red Maple Photography. Originally from the prairies of Canada, Alicia is a Cotswolds based wedding photographer at the top of her game.

Alicia is talented, and passionate about her craft, and this reflects in her beautiful images, showing the real story of your wedding. She loves a challenge too and is happy for bespoke requests.

See Alicia’s amazing portfolio. She will also be at our next Wedding Open Evening on Thursday 1st August.

Weddings at Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort

Wiltshire wedding venues don’t get any more picturesque than they do Bowood Hotel, surrounded by achingly pretty countryside and grounds.

Not only this, but we—

  • Cater for weddings of all sizes
  • Have a brand-new wedding pavilion
  • Can do outdoor weddings
  • Are licensed for civil ceremonies
  • Can accommodate up to 160 guests
  • Offer 43 luxurious rooms

If you’re looking to tie the knot sooner rather than later, graze our last few Saturday dates for 2019/20 here.

Thank you for reading.


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