Say ‘goodbye’ to a dull and frosty complexion with our exclusive new Treatment of the Month from Ytsara…

The winter continues to bring with it chilly winds and plummeting temperatures. This can leave your complexion exposed to extreme dryness, high levels of pollution and drain the colour from your cheeks so to speak.

This January, we’ve collaborated with Ytsara to offer a ‘Super Hydrating Facial’ providing a sophisticated and lasting solution to winter-weathered skin at The Spa at Bowood.

A little bit about Ytsara

The premise of the Ytsara brand is about understanding that nature recognises and works hand in hand with nature. As a company, they have used this to formulate effective skincare remedies which use efficient natural actives that are readily bio-available and can immediately lock with your own cells.

Plant-based, most of Ytsara products are harvested from the richly bio-diverse gardens of Asia. Many of which containing secrets that healers have passed down through generations and generations. These Asian botanicals have been advanced using French science to provide enriching skincare benefits. All of their products are vegan and dermologically tested as well as clinically proven.

About Our Treatment of the Month

Our ‘Super Hydrating Facial’ includes a deeply relaxing facial massage using a herbal face poultice. This is followed by facial yoga using a Jade stone. The treatment is then completed with a super hydrating algae face masque.

#1 Ytsara Ritual

Ytsara is all about reconnecting the body and mind. The ritual includes a soothing combination of deep calm essential oils and the couch scented with deep calm pillow mist to relax the mind and help you to truly clear your mind leaving you in the ultimate state of rest.

#2 Herbal Face Poultice

Once relaxed, we begin a gentle massage using a herbal face poultice. This is used to stimulate blood circulation as well as brighten the complexion of the skin. The medicinal and herbal properties of the poultice also help to enhance the relaxation of the mind and soul.

#3 Facial Yoga with Jade Stone

Once completed, a series of facial yoga techniques will be used to firm and tighten the skin whilst slimming the face. This is done using a Jade stone to promote beauty, balance and vibrancy to your skin.

These deep and sculpting massage techniques stimulate the circulation of blood, oxygenising and refreshing the skin tissues adding plumpness and reducing the visible signs of wrinkles. Skin is then left looking toned, glowing and radiant.

#4 Hydrating Algae Face Masque

This detoxifying mask contains marine trace elements that are incredibly powerful for various metabolic functions of the skin. Its active ingredients help to improve overall absorption in the skin.

Other ingredients such as Diatonamous Earth and Algin provide the detoxification properties of the masque which are also beneficial should you suffer from irritated skin. They also promote absorption making this masque the super hydrating facial in its title.

Would you like to book in this January?

This treatment is available throughout January either as an upgrade should you wish to join us for a Bowood Spa Day or Bowood Spa Break or to book as a treatment (£80.00 for 60-minutes).

Guests who take up our Treatment of the Month can also enjoy 10% off any of the products from the Ytsara Skincare range to take home with them.

To book, call us on 01249 823 883 or email us here.


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