Standby, the anti-aging power of LED Light Therapy has arrived at The Spa at Bowood in time for the party season…

This November, we’re very excited to be able to unveil our rather terrifying to look at, yet an incredibly effective new piece of technology which is proven to reduce the signs of ageing.

Our LED Light Therapy Mask arrived at the beginning of October and our talented team of beauty therapists have been busy exploring the many ways in which it can dramatically improve your complexion.

About our Treatment of the Month...

During the month of November, when you book a custom 60-minute Eminence Facial we’ll include 15-minutes of LED Light Therapy to help speed up the results. You can choose from a choice of prescriptive facials to reduce the signs of ageing, redness, acne, bright skins to name a few.

Find out more about our luxury spa treatments for the face here.

About the LED Light Therapy Mask…

The mask is made up of over 100 tiny LED bulbs which can shine a number of various colours including:

  • Blue – used to improve sensitive skin
  • Red – Stimulate cells to excrete collagen to firm and smooth texture
  • Green – used to ease ageing and smooth wrinkles and fine lines
  • Cyan – used to calm inflammation or angry/red skin
  • Yellow – has the ability to fade dark spots, freckles and blemishes
  • Purple – improve lymph metabolism and microcirculation
  • White – de-stress, relax and restore your skin to younger and healthier skin

The mask uses natural light waves which are transmitted using the LED bulbs into skin cells. This then subsequently causes the photoreceptors in the skin to produce a greater supply of energy which is then used to replenish and rejuvenate the skin. This process can also help improve the elasticity of the skin by breaking down fatty facial areas.

The benefits of LED Light Therapy are not limited to but include…

# Goodbye Wrinkles

Red, yellow and white LED lights can stimulate the skin cells encouraging them to produce more collagen reducing the signs of ageing and visible wrinkles.

# Stress Relief

Purple and white LED lights improve lymph metabolism and microcirculation which is known to help ease stress.

# Redness Reduction

Cyan and yellow LED lights help to calm the skin and reduce inflammation and angry skin.

#Acne Improvement

There are never enough ways to reduce and minimise acne, but LED light technology certainly is an effective way to do this.

Would you like to book in this November?

This treatment is being offered throughout November with any 60-minute facial and is available either as an upgrade should you wish to join us for a Bowood Spa Day or Bowood Spa Break or to book as a treatment (£80.00 for 60-minutes).

Guests who take up our Treatment of the Month can also enjoy 10% off any of the products from the Eminence Organics range to take home with them.

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