Reveal radiant skin this festive season with our exclusive new Treatment of the Month from Ytsara…

So you’ve found the perfect gown, heels to match and you’re festive planning is beginning to look very prosperous. But what is a beautiful outfit without radiant and glowing skin?

This December, we’ve collaborated with Ytsara to offer the ‘must-have’ pre-Christmas party treatment of the season, ‘All Wrapped Up’.

A little bit about Ytsara...

The premise of the Ytsara brand is about understanding that nature recognises and works hand in hand with nature. As a company, they have used this to formulate effective skincare remedies which use efficient natural actives that are readily bio-available and can immediately lock with your own cells.

Plant-based, most of Ytsara products are harvested from the richly bio-diverse gardens of Asia. Many of which have secrets that healers have passed down through generations and generations. These Asian botanicals have been advanced using French science to provide enriching skincare benefits. All of their products are vegan and dermatologically tested as well as clinically proven.

About Our Treatment of the Month

‘All Wrapped Up’ includes a deeply exfoliating and brightening full body scrub and polish. This is then followed by a full-body wrap.

#1 Ytsara Ritual

Ytsara is all about reconnecting the body and mind.

The ritual uses a soothing combination of deep calm essential oil and deep calm pillow mist to relax the mind and to truly help you to clear your mind, leaving you in the ultimate state of rest.

#2 Body Scrub

Once rested, each area of the body is exfoliated using Ytsara’s Renewing Body Polish.

This is made of a combination of jasmine rice, jojoba oil and Shea Butter and applied in circular and effleurage movements. This is then carefully removed at each stage using hot mitts.

#3 Body Wrap

After the full body polish has been completed, each area of the body is covered in a detoxifying, firming, rejuvenating and brightening wrap using Ysara’s regenerative  Loaded with powerful anti-oxidants, the whitening effect of Black Mulberry, the toning and hydrating qualities of Macadamia and the slimming effect of Cerdarwood.

These all work synergistically in together to combat dull complexion as well as dehydrated and flabby skin.

This leaves your skin looking toned, youthful and healthy.

Would you like to book in this December?

This treatment is available throughout December either as an upgrade should you wish to join us for a Bowood Spa Day or Bowood Spa Break or to book as a treatment (£80.00 for 60-minutes).

Guests who take up our Treatment of the Month can also enjoy 10% off any of the products from the Ytsara Skincare range to take home with them.

To book, call us on 01249 823 883 or email us here


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