Throughout August, our team has been putting Eminence Organics skin care products to the test. Find out how our Spa Manager Angela got on…

Here at The Spa at Bowood, the team couldn’t wait to get to work on trailing the products. Hot off the mark was, of course, our talented Spa Manager, Angela Covey.

Angela has had her eye on Eminence Organics for quite some time – and rightly so, given its impressive celebrity following and its unbound commitment to all things socially responsible, and of course, natural. It was inevitable, that once a bundle of Eminence products reached the hands of Ms. Covey, a longevous relationship was in the making.

A little bit about Eminence Organics...

Eminence Organics was founded in 1958, meaning the iconic brand will have been around for 60 years in 2018. This is a testament to the companies’ passion and commitment to innovation within the organic skincare area and supported by its enormous celebrity following.

A-list stars including Dita Von Teese, Eva Longoria and even Dutchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, amongst others, have actively endorsed the brand and claim to use products from the Eminence skincare collection as part of their daily beauty endeavors.

Unlike many other world-class skincare brands, what you see when you delve a little into the ethics and ethos behind these wonderful skincare products is most certainly noteworthy. All of Eminences’ skincare products are certified by B Corps, which describes itself as a formation of business leaders driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Eminence Organics are not messing around, they are leaders in their own right internationally and we believe this deserves some recognition.

Angela’s Skin Transformation

See the before and after images at the end of this post!


Angela’s Feedback

“I’m always particularly wary about trying new skin care products as we’re often used to being misled or mis-sold treatments which are expensive and in essence have little, if any, positive impact on our skin. With Eminence Organics, it seemed from the offset that all my Christmases we’re arriving at once and so far it hasn’t disappointed. Since I started using the products at the beginning of August, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with them.

I find myself jumping out of bed in the morning in awe of starting my short but sweet beauty regime. Having been working within the spa industry for many years now, I feel very privileged to have come across Eminence and I’m very excited to discover what The Spa at Bowoods’ members and non-members think of the products in the coming months.”

Find out more about the products has Angela been using…

Hibiscus Ultra Eye Lift Cream
  • Details: Applicable using a refreshing stainless steel rollerball, the applicator gently massages the hibiscus and ice wine actives into the surrounding eye area giving instant tightness and lift.
  • Ingredients: Hibiscus, ice wine active, caffeine, botanical peptides, green algae and stevia extract.
  • Results: Rapidly reduces puffiness, reinvigorates tired eyes and irons out wrinkles, minimising darkness under and around the eyes.


No.3 Peaches & Cream Sun Defence Minerals
  • Details: No.3 uses hypoallergenic, non-pore clogging natural minerals which are water resistant and provide SPF 30 sun protection.
  • Ingredients: Minerals, micronized zinc oxide (sunscreen) and fruit extracts
  • Results: The vitamins provide nutrition and antioxidant protection. Noticeable improvements complexion by reducing skin imperfections such as redness or blotchiness.  Leaves skin feeling silky, matte and smooth even after one use. It also provides even coverage and is incredibly long wearing.


Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream
  • Details: This blend of hibiscus and botanical hyaluronic acid keeps skin looking firm and rich in moisture.
  • Ingredients: Hibiscus, acacia, edelweiss, paprika and botanical hyaluronic
  • Results: You can visibly see the results of this product within 2 minutes of application. It dramatically improves the elasticity of the skin making it appear instantly lifted and tightened whilst at the same time hydrating and revitalising the neck area making your skin look younger and brighter.


Bamboo Firming Fluid
  • Details: Award-winning and arguably the saving grace of tighter, brighter and hydrating skincare products.
  • Ingredients: Bamboo, coconut oil, coconut water, natural retinol alternative complex, PhytoCellTec ™ and monoi.
  • Results: Skin feels noticeably tighter, firmer with increased elasticity subsequently reducing the sign of aging. It also leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.