The Deltoids are better know as your shoulder muscles and give your shoulders their rounded shape. There are 3 main muscle fibres in the Shoulder.

Anterior delt (Front delt)

Lateral delt (Middle delt)

Posterior delt (rear dealt)

The Muscle

The Anterior Deltoid
Found in the front part of the shoulder and touches the chest muscles. The function of this muscle is to allow you to raise you arm out in front of you.

The Lateral Deltoid
The middle part of the muscle, found on the side of your shoulder and give your shoulders their width. The function of this muscle is to allow you to raise your arms to the side of your body.

The Posterior Deltoid
The back part of the muscle and its function is to allow you to move your arms horizontally from your body.


There are a number of exercise that can be used to increase the all round strength of the deltoid but Chris has demonstrated the upright row and the single are front raise here.


As always, stretching your muscles is very important post exercise.  Chris has demonstrated two classic stretches to help maintain mobility and keep your delts healthy post exercise.

If you have any questions regarding how to work or strengthen this group of muscles please contact a member of the Gym Team.