The Bicep Brachii (Latin for “two-headed muscle of the arm”) are the two muscles on the front of the upper arm.

Their uses are to flex and extend the forearms.  Both heads of the muscle origins from the scapula and join to the forearms at the same point.

Where is the Bicep?

The Bicep is located at the front of the upper arm. The word biceps literally means two-headed, and refers to the fact that the muscle attaches to two different parts of the shoulder.

Possible injuries to the Bicep

There are a number of injuries which can occur to the bicep including  –

Strain – Can result from over stretching and tearing of muscle fibre or tendons.

Tendinitis – Repeated use of the biceps or shoulder issues can irritate the proximal biceps tendon.

Proximal Biceps tendon rupture – One of the tendons which connects the biceps to the shoulder is torn away from the bone. Sudden shoulder pain and a weird shaped bulge in the bicep are the symptoms.

Bicep Exercises

There are number of exercise you can do to strengthen your biceps including –

Barbell Curl

Concertation Curl

Hammer Curl

To find out more about these exercises and how to perform them, talk to a member of the gym team.

Bicep Stretch

There are a variety of stretches that can be performed to help flexibility and conditioning of the Bicep.

Ask a member of the gym team to help you perfect your stretches to keep your muscles in good shape.