This month, we're laying to rest our Muscle of the Month and instead switching the focus to specific exercises...

Following on from last month’s Muscle of the Month (The Deltoids), it is worth noting that the press up is another strengthening and toning technique which can be used to build your deltoids.

It can also help to strengthen your pectorals, triceps as well as build up your core strength. This month, we’re going to be focusing on the three various press up techniques which can be used to achieve your fitness goals.

#1 - Kneeling Press Up (Step One)

For those who perhaps aren’t so frequented with the press up, this can be a good exercise to start with in order to strengthen your core before you progress onto the full press up and incline press up which we will come onto shortly.

To begin with, you need to go onto all fours and cross whichever leg feels most comfortable over the top of the other one (see image).

#1 - Kneeling Press Up (Step Two)

Once you’re happy with the established position, transfer your weight from your knees to your upper body/shoulders and allow your arms to bend and your chest to move closer to the floor.

In order to maintain good form with this exercise, try to keep your elbows tucked in to your chest so you can achieve the full benefit of the transfer of weight.

Repeat this in reps taking short breaks in between to allow your muscles to recover before going again.

#2 - Full Press Up (Step One)

The second type of press-up, the Full Press Up, involves following a very similar technique, however, you must move the weight from your knees to the front of your feet (see image for example).

#2 - Full Press Up (Step Two)

Once you’ve established a comfortable and balanced footing, gradually lower your chest to the floor. Again keeping your elbows straight alongside your chest in order to get the maximum gain from the exercise.

Repeat this in reps taking short breaks in between to allow your muscles to recover before going again.

#3 - Inclined Press Up (Step One)

This technique is slightly more challenging, however, it is firstly incredibly important that the surface which you choose to use is stable and is not going to move as you apply your weight.

A square surface with a flat edge which is fixed or heavy is required to do this safely.

#3 - Inclined Press Up (Step Two)

Apply the same position as used in the full press up and again follow the same technique when lowering your chest towards your hands.

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