Throughout August, our team has been putting Eminence Organics skin care products to the test. Find out how our Assistant Spa Manager, Amesha got on…

In early August, we proudly introduced Eminence Organics into The Spa at Bowood and the team couldn’t wait to start trailing the award-winning skincare products. After Spa Manager, Angela hopped onto the opportunity to try a selection of Eminence products (read all about her Eminence skin transformation here), next to step up to the mark was our dedicated Assistant Spa Manager, Amesha Llewellyns.

Having suffered for many years with acne, Amesha has been faced with the challenge of reducing long-lasting acne scars. Eminence has proactively been pioneering the reduction of acne scarring which made it a no-brainer for Amesha when volunteering to test some of Eminences products. Find out more about using Eminence to improve the appearance of acne scars here.

Getting to know Eminence Organics…

Superior skincare pioneers, Eminence Organics were founded in 1958, which in fact makes the remarkable brand 60 years old in 2018. This is without a doubt a huge testament to the organisations’ dedication, passion and commitment to bring new products to market within the organic skincare domain and is highly acclaimed by an elite celebrity following.

Some of the many celebrities include showgirl Dita Von Teese, actress Eva Longoria and newlywed, Megan Markle amongst others. These figureheads have actively endorsed the brand and claim to use products from the Eminence skincare collection as part of their daily beauty endeavours.

Unlike many other world-class skincare brands, what you see when you delve a little into the ethics and ethos behind these wonderful skincare products is most certainly noteworthy. All of Eminences’ skincare products are certified by B Corps, which describes itself as a formation of business leaders driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Eminence Organics are most certainly global leaders and we believe this deserves some recognition.

Amesha’s Skin Transformation

Amesha has been using the below Eminence Organics products each day both morning and evening for one week.

Amesha’s Feedback

“Acne has haunted me for almost all of my adult life. When it comes to trying to reduce the scaring I’d began to come to terms with the fact that it was probably never going to go away. Since using the below products from Eminence Organics, while I’ve still got quite a way to go to completely eradicating the scaring, I’m very pleased and impressed with how it has calmed down since before using the products. I’m going to continue to keep using Eminence for the foreseeable future and will keep you in the know with  how I’m getting on should you be subject to the same.”

Find out more about the products has Amesha been using…

Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser
  • Details: This cleanser provides coolness and balance to your skin. This cream-gel treats oily and problem skin and reduces the visible signs of problem skin and breakouts without stripping the skin of moisture.
  • Ingredients: Cucumber juice, yogurt, sweet almond milk, tea tree oil, willow bark extract and BioComplex.
  • Results: Calms, cleanses the skin while reducing the appearance of blemishes and pore size. It also purifies and detoxes the skin.


Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturiser
  • Details: This ultra-light daily moisturiser detoxifies and clears the appearance of problem skin, reducing the appearance of irritation or clogged pores. It also helps prevent the appearance of blemishes and reduces the appearance of inflammation while the probiotics exfoliate and soothe the complexion.
  • Ingredients: Cucumber juice, yogurt, calendula oil, tea tree oil, willow bark extract and BioComplex.
  • Results: Improved problem skin areas and pore size appear minimised. Skin appears soft and noticeably smoother while moisture balance in the skin is enhanced.


Clear Skin Probiotic Masque
  • Details: This masque is a clear solution to problem skin. It can allow you to attain the appearance of a radiant and a clearer complexion thanks to cooling cucumber tones and refining yogurt, which exfoliates and eliminates the appearance of blemishes.
  • Ingredients: Yogurt, cucumber, shea butter, calendula, kaolin clay, stone crop, tea tree oil, BioComplex.
  • Results: Problem areas appear improved and skin is left soft and appears noticeably smoother. The appearance of pore size is also minimised.


Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster-Serum
  • Details: A deep-cleansing, clarifying peel solution with cotton round pads for problem skin types. This bark booster-serum clarifies and refines the complexion without irritation whilst also reducing the appearance of problem skin. It does this by removing surface impurities and dirt from the skin. The willow bark calms the look of skin helping to reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation. The peel reduces pore size and skin is left feeling clear, smooth and revitalised.
  • Ingredients: Willow bark, biosulpher, tomato extract, fruit acids, lactic acid, azeliac acid, lilac extract, salicylic acid.
  • Results: Problem areas are improved and pores are minimised. Skin is left noticeably smoother and the skin is prepared to receive further treatments for increased benefits.