3 Steps to improving your pitching

Keeping things simple and consistent are perhaps the most important ways to improve your distance control from 40 to 100 yards.

We’ve all been there… just a ‘simple’ pitch shot into the green and a duffed shot results in one or two more shots being taken. The real keys to pitching well are consistency in both set-up and execution. If done correctly and repeatedly, the clockface drill explained below can help you drastically improve distance control within your pitching. Not only will it help to take the guesswork out of pitching by knowing how far the ball will go but with two backswing lengths and a variety of wedges, you’ll be able to pitch the ball any distance required.

One of the most important ways to control your distance control is the loft you present to the ball at impact. The more consistent your set-up, the better your distance control. Setting up with the ball in the middle of your stance is the best way to ensure that we are presenting the same amount of loft time after time. As well as this, by allowing the club to lean forwards slightly at impact ensures we catch the ball on the way down in our delivery of the club to the ball. Keep these two things consistent and you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of pitching well.

The clockface is a very simple idea built around backswing length when pitching. There are two key positions that I would recommend – nine o’clock (where your left arm is parallel to the ground), and 10 o’clock (where the left arm goes a little further on an imaginary clockface). By hitting these positions consistently, you will see your distance control improve rapidly. It’s how those positions feel to you that matters rather than if making sure they’re absolutely bang on. By making a note of how far the ball goes with swing, this idea can then be taken out on to the golf course and hopefully result in better scores.

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