Wedge play – controlling trajectory to lower your score...

As we all know, our glorious golf course presents us with challenges from every angle. However you choose to approach the course, playing to the green is where the majority of us can fall short.

Do you have the skills to play the ball high to that tight flag or the low shot to that back flag position? This week, we take a look at Low Wedge shots…

Low Wedges

To hit the low ball with the wedge we must achieve the following:

  1. Centred strike (Crucial for distance control and spin)
  2. Low loft at impact (Crucial for low launch)
  3. Low point control (Ball being struck first)


Here you can see the ball positioned towards my right foot at address with roughly 60% of my body weight favouring my lead side. The ball positioned further back in my stance will promote a lower loft of the golf club at impact.


During the backswing I resist the urge to break my wrists excessively like in a full swing of bunker shot. By keeping the club shaft in time with my torso in the backswing I’m able to control the amount of loft on the golf club.


Into impact the club shaft is positioned just ahead of the ball again showing that I have reduced the loft on the golf club, this will produce a lower flight from the golf ball.



Through the release you can see that the clubhead, club shaft and torso are all facing past the target. This shows that I have maintained control on the club face through impact for accuracy and control of launch.


Tip Breakdown for the low shot

  1. Ball position centre
  2. Hands just forward if the ball at address
  3. Resist the urge to break your wrists in the backswing
  4. Turn Torso, hands and clubhead together all the way through the shot and into the  finish