3 tips on how to get your putting spot on...

Consistent set up = consistent roll

As you’ve seen over the years, a variety of putting set ups and strokes have earned millions across the globe.

The greatest golfer of all time had a very unorthodox set up, but tended to put very well under pressure.

Mr Nicklaus did have a few more hours to spend on the putting green than normal working folk…

Here are some keys areas to check:

1. Ball Position – Allow the club face to sit in the middle of the stance which presents the ball just ahead of centre. This will produce neutral loft of the putter and address and impact.

2. Level the shoulders – Level shoulders allow the putter to strike the ball at a level angle of attack. The ball will roll faster off the club face, not skid or jump.

3. Stay Balanced – Whatever the width of stance, make sure your balance is centered from right to left and toe to heel. This will help to produce a consistent arc and strike.