Step Change drill...

This 3 stage drill will help you stop coming ‘Over-The-Top’.  A full speed drill that adds dynamism to your ability to separate upper and lower body…

#1: Head Start


Take your 6-iron, and a regular stance. But just before you swing the club away, bring your lead foot across and next to your trail foot. The ball should now be just outside your lead foot. Swing the club forward, over and past the ball; you will begin your swing from here.










#2: Trial Separation


Swoop the club back, over the ball. But as soon as it passes your legs and begins to gain momentum, begin to step forward with your lead foot. Plant it in its regular position. You are creating a situation where the club is going back while your lower body is moving forward… which will help you feel and train separation.










#3: Power Stretch


Continue with that feeling of the lower body moving towards the target and the upper body swinging away from it. Done at speed, you will begin to create a powerfully stretched feeling at the top with your lower body – weight shifting and hips rotating – already leading the downswing.