Great golfers are not just born, they are created and moulded from their environmental demands and beliefs. 

These beliefs and the environment we are in then switch on genes, which manufacture our ability to succeed.

From a Genetics point of view, you are 99.9% identical to Tiger Woods or Rory Mcllroy!

What is so exciting from research by numerous scientists, we only activate between 5-10% of our genes at any one time, changing the environment can actually change the way our genes work and switch on dormant genes you never knew you had!

Imagine the scene: 

You are taking a stroll along the beach on a beautiful summer day, listening to the waves crashing, lost in your own thoughts…When all of a sudden you hear and see a roaring Tiger running towards you! Mouth open, teeth showing, anger in its eyes as you know ‘You’re lunch!’

I promise you, you will turn on ‘Sprinting Genes’ you never knew you had and you are gone…..

Now, you may or may not have broken the world record for 100 meters, but I bet it would have been the fastest 100 meter sprint in your life! So what just happened? Your sprinting genes woke up!

The really exciting thing for me is your ‘environment’ can influence your genes. The way we think and the environment that we create internally and externally can turn on genes we never knew we had. When your environment changes great things start to happen, refreshing to think greatness is within all of us!

Change the way you think, change the way you practice, and enjoy a level of golf you never knew you had in you. As corny has it sounds, if you want ordinary results, train and practice ordinary!

If you want extraordinary results you need to practice and train extraordinary!

The practice games and drills I have given golfers over the years, from touring professionals to club golfers really work! They change the way you practice, change the environment you are in, change your beliefs for one reason and one reason only, to help you play better golf!