Seasonality rules the roost throughout the year but most particularly so through November and December as winter begins. Most notably this year wee have seen a prolonged periods of rain from mid-October through to mid-November.  Across this 5-week period we saw over 250mm of rainfall against a long-term average of 70 – 80mm per month, giving us three times the average.

Consequently, the course has been very wet in particular areas, almost appearing as though we have not been investing in many hundreds of tonnes of topdressing and consistent aeration programmes over the last few years. I would not like to see where we would be without this work.


Course welfare is a priority and as such we will continue a carry-only policy until the team are confident that trolleys will not damage the course. Further, the ropes that have been installed are there to direct you around areas prone to wear. I have witnessed many of our members walking under ropes, please stop doing this and look after your course.


Top of the seasonal work pile is currently leaf collection. The team have their main hot spots around the first and tenth tees, carparks, first and seventh fairways and eighth green complex. Leaf collection is labour-intensive and we cannot get everywhere completely cleared quickly, especially where access has been tricky.

Additionally we will be constructing a new bridge across the ditch on the twelfth hole to replace the previous one which was removed at the end of service. The location of the new bridge will be closer to the tee, downhill from the cascade stream.

Greens are being mown at 5.5mm, generally three times per week and supplemented by rolling. Given the moisture levels and humidity we are seeing low disease levels which has been managed by a combination of infrequent fungicide applications but primarily by moisture management and trace element fertilising. We will be making a fungicide application in the coming days to cover December and post-Christmas.

Finally, this has been published elsewhere but it should be noted that in 2024 we are shuffling the course renovation work. Greens and approaches work will be undertaken on the week beginning 30th September. Fairway and driving range work will be undertaken on the week beginning 4th August.

Enjoy your golf and see you on the course.

Jaey Goodchild
Head Greenkeeper