Clear blue skies and warm weather dominate this week, a welcome arrival late in June. Strong light levels have benefitted both turf and person, plus temperatures reaching 27c for a couple of days have warmed everything up and we are seeing a marked improvement in turf quality.

Rainfall has been minimal with only a couple of millimetres falling in the last ten days, irrigation is being applied to all surfaces.

Wildflower and Long Rough

As a result of a wet winter and consequent high soil-moisture content, the long rough is very thick in the base this year. We are not the only venue affected by this; I would suggest that every golf course in the country with long rough areas is experiencing the same conditions as we are beyond mown turf areas.

Positive management of rough areas over the years has seen an increase in wildflower populations and in particular areas we have seen a healthy population of Common Spotted orchids develop. Ongoing management through both grazing and harvesting will continue with the goal being to both thin the grass populations and encourage floral diversity.



I must make a public acknowledgment that my doubt over the success of members’ divot bags has proven unfounded. The divotting that I am seeing on fairways has been undertaken to a high standard and I would like to thank those of you who have taken the effort to help with this task.


Fill the divot.


Firm it down.


Smooth it off with a wipe of the foot.


Excellent job!


See you on the course.

Jaey Goodchild
Head Greenkeeper