Happy New Year all and looking forward to the year ahead. We have some great events planned for 2023 which all of the greenkeeping team are keen to get ready for.

Our winter so far has been quite a contrast from summer 2022. Across October, November and December we received close to 400mm of rainfall and the early part of January followed the same trend with 142mm falling in the first two weeks of the year, a total of well over 500mm in two and a half months.

Winter golf has been steady but we have seen a reduction in play compared to the last two winters, which were roughly double the historical average on a footfall basis. Taking this and combining with the implementation of a carry-only policy off the back of our wet spell the course is presenting well, showing minimal signs of winter wear and tear. Opportunity to mow is very limited given these conditions.

Annual Spring Greens

The last few days of February will see our annual spring (winter) greens renovation commence. The programme this year will focus on moss reduction following drought and heat stress from summer. A granular product will be applied to the surfaces a few days before we start so the greens will appear black in places. Scarifying and solid tining for moss removal and soil aeration will follow and finally we will apply a sand topdressing to fill everything in.

Recovery from the work will be wholly dependant on soil temperatures as full recovery will not happen without active turf growth.


Please be aware of the new sand in 18 greenside bunker. We have had a struggle to find replacement bunker sands over the last two years with our previous supplier closing their quarry. Some of you will be familiar with the sand we have installed in this bunker as it is used at a nearby club. When you have the unfortunate opportunity to play from this bunker once it is in play, please feed back your thoughts to the Proshop team.

Finally, thanks to everyone who have acknowledged and mentioned to me the positive impact that keeping trolleys off the course has had.

Enjoy your golf

Jaey Goodchild
Head Greenkeeper