As we move into late winter from the wettest spell of early and mid-winter we have ever experienced here at Bowood it is encouraging to feel the land drying and finally giving the team an opportunity to get onto the course and progress with work.

Our rainfall total from mid-October until the end of January was over 530mm, against an annual average of around 850mm. These rainfall figures have a significant effect on the land and impact greenkeeping operations on a daily basis. I am sure that there are few of you who have not been impacted by these extraordinary levels of rainfall.

Winter 2023/24 Rainfall

October 165mm (11 Oct onwards)
November 113mm
December 123mm
January 130mm
February 55mm (up to 13 Feb)


2024 annual total 1124mm

Average annual roughly 850mm


Bunker Sand exchange has been impacted by the weather as access with machinery is limited in wet conditions. Drainage issues with two fairway bunkers have had to be remedied before work can progress which has lead to the team having to identify and repair historical shortcomings that became apparent through the season of heavy rainfall. Sand exchange is now continuing.


Greens renovation will commence on Monday 26 February. The process this year will be hollow tine, topdressing, brushing and solid tining before rolling to re-establish a surface. Pre-work fertilising will be undertaken.


Finally, take a look at the pictures opposite, taken recently on the large putting green. Twenty points to the first correct answer identifying the culprit of this surface damage.

Looking forward to a dry spring.

Jaey Goodchild
Head Greenkeeper