A good way to end the year is probably a look back on the year we have had. I guess that the impact that COVID had on our lives is directly correlated to how we view the weather, now that we are moving into winter you will know what I mean.

We have had a special year really though; we have seen record levels of play for the year despite having two months of closure through January and February. It has been great to see the course in full use.


Moving into winter our normal practice is to raise the height of cut on greens to allow the plant a bit of growth and recovery from the past season. This year we raised the height a little earlier than in previous years while growth was still active, this allowed the surfaces to thicken up before growth stopped. It also allowed us to reduce the frequency of our mowing and increase the frequency of our rolling.

Quite simple measures that greatly reduce the stress on the plant through times of low growth and recovery and benefit performance at a time when it is unexpected. As the winter rolls on we are seeing growth continue from the bentgrass when temperatures are milder which will bring benefits in spring.

Ground Conditions

Moving out of a dry November we have seen just enough rain in the early part of December to create a sticky surface in places. We have installed ropes to try to manage traffic in problem areas but we will still get wear. Please bear in mind that 500 sets of feet per week do cause a bit of wear and tear to the ground. Our efforts through the summer with soil treatments and topdressing are bringing results and over time the cumulative effect will show.

Finally, from the greenkeeping team:

Sam, Derek, Jack, Jon, Steve, Steve, Ashley, Sam & Jaey.

Have a Happy Christmas and New Year, we look forward to seeing everyone in 2022.

Yours in sport.

Jaey Goodchild
Head Greenkeeper