Wiltshire, best known for its white horses, prehistoric monuments and, of course, its famous ham. If you’re not local to the area, you may recognise the county solely as the home of Stonehenge. While these landmarks are impressive and well worth a visit, there are plenty of hidden garden gems in Wilshire that you should add to your South West itinerary.
Now we are past the turning point of the new year it’s acceptable to dream about Spring. Almost imperceptibly the days are getting longer, and the first bulbs are starting to poke through. It’s a sight that never fails to warm the heart.
As nights draw in and the breathtaking autumnal colours begin to show, Wiltshire becomes a magical place. Wiltshire is a no-stress destination that nourishes the senses, opens up new experiences and really helps you unwind. With its blend of ancient landscapes, bewitching gardens and great things to do – makes it the perfect choice.