Here’s a handful of great gift ideas for those with a keen golfer in the family…
Early October has given us a flush of mild, sunny weather that has been fantastic for turf growth and final recovery from the ills of a hot, dry summer.
The average club golfer swings a driver anywhere between 90 – 95 mph and usually with a negative Angle of Attack on average around  -3 Degrees. Angle of attack, or AOA refers to whether your club is travelling more up or down when it makes contact with the ball. Changing your AOA can affect strike…
We have seen a definite shift in the weather over the last two weeks with autumn certainly showing its colours, cold mornings and a change to the trees are the big indicators.
Wedge play – controlling trajectory to lower your score. Do you have the skills to play the ball high to that tight flag or the low shot to that back flag position? This week, we take a look at Low Wedge shots…  
We’ve put together 20 Great Ryder Cup Golf Facts to educate and amuse, and hopefully whet your appetite for the game fondly referred to as ‘…a good walk spoiled’ – Mark Twain.
As our extraordinary summer draws to an end and conditions return to normal, we can breathe a little and reflect on the challenges we were presented with.          
Our summer has certainly been in full swing over recent weeks, fantastic but challenging for the greenkeeping team.
Summer is certainly upon us as we near the end of June with mild overnight temperatures and warm days bringing strong growth over the last four weeks.      
As I’m sure everyone will agree, it’s fantastic to see some spring following a period of very challenging weather through late winter and early spring.