Golf Rule Changes 2019

Dec 13, 2018

Golfs New Rules: The Key Changes…
When we swing a club, we are asking our body to rotate in balance. This places considerable physical demands on both hips, which need mobility and strength to permit and stabilise that twisting motion back and through.
The season has certainly hit us with a vengeance over the last couple of weeks, a long sympathetic spell of dry weather through October and November has given us a firm ground conditions and healthy growth the maintain great presentation and growth.  
When things go wrong with our game, our first instinct is to question our technique. Of course, that might be where the problem lies; but more often than you might think, a simple focus on improving your physical conditioning can resolve or at least improve the situation.
A mild start to November had seen continued growth across the course until this week when temperatures dropped significantly to more seasonally expected levels.
Here’s a handful of great gift ideas for those with a keen golfer in the family…
Early October has given us a flush of mild, sunny weather that has been fantastic for turf growth and final recovery from the ills of a hot, dry summer.
The average club golfer swings a driver anywhere between 90 – 95 mph and usually with a negative Angle of Attack on average around  -3 Degrees. Angle of attack, or AOA refers to whether your club is travelling more up or down when it makes contact with the ball. Changing your AOA can affect strike…
We have seen a definite shift in the weather over the last two weeks with autumn certainly showing its colours, cold mornings and a change to the trees are the big indicators.