Bowood Golf Course, Driving Range, Pro shop, Academy Course and Coaching Updates

Bowood Golf Course, Driving Range, Pro shop and Academy Course is now open to members and visitors.
The Clubhouse Brasserie re-opens on Monday 6th July at 11:00am.

From Monday 6th July, the Golf Course will be open daily from 7:00am – 7:00pm.

Members & Members Guests Only: 
Monday – Friday 7:00am – 8:00am
Saturday – Sunday 7:00am – 11:00am
Monday – Sunday 6:00pm – 7:00pm
Please note: Those members bringing guests during early mornings or late evenings, must pay for their green fees in advance.

Starters Hut Opening Times
Monday – Thursday 8:00am – 6:00pm
Friday – Sunday 7:00am – 6:00pm

Pro Shop Opening Times 
Monday – Sunday 9:00am – 5:00pm

Driving Range Opening Times 
Monday – Sunday 7:00am – 9:00pm
(Closed 10am – 2pm every Monday for Cutting)
Please note: Range cards can be topped up over the phone during shop opening hours
or in hotel reception from Monday 6th July.

The Clubhouse Brasserie
The Clubhouse Brasserie re-opens on Monday 6th July at 11 am.
Initially, the opening hours will be: 11:00 am to 7:00 pm daily.

Social distancing measures have been put in place, with a clear one-way system, and on arrival, we will ask you to wait to be seated.
Table service will be in operation throughout.
Please also be advised that due to government guidelines, we will need to note your guest’s name and contact details.

To find out more about how we are safely reopening the Hotel – please click here

Golf Coaching for both Adults and Children is now available by appointment only. The Academy team of Ben, Ryan and Gregg are now taking bookings.For more information, please email the Pro shop:

Members – your Wiltshire County Cards are now available on the new App via the Wiltshire Golf Union website which will download an ‘e’ copy for the wallet on your phone if you enter your name and CDH number.
CLICK HERE for more information.

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As summer progresses and golf settles into the season, a brief piece to update everyone on the situation on the course.

Our greenkeeping team has been working with a reduced team size since the beginning of lockdown in March and will remain to do so for the foreseeable future, thus increasing workload.

I ask that you please take this into account when you are playing, by paying particular attention to the following points:

  • You must give way to greenkeepers throughout your entire round, their welfare and safety are paramount and they are preparing the course for your benefit and experience.
  • There are no litter bins on the course, so please take all of your litter home with you.
  • The pitchmark signs are not placed by the greens for decoration. The incidence of pitchmark damage to greens is currently very high and we do not have many visitors playing. Take note of your playing partners’ habits and please hold them to account when pitchmarks are not repaired.

Enjoy the summer and enjoy your golf through these unsettling times.

Yours in sport,


Welcome Back to Bowood with Confidence

It is now more than ten weeks since we closed the doors to our guests, and I am very pleased to confirm our plans to move forward with re-opening the Hotel from Monday 6th July, based on current government advice. We are now taking reservations from this date onwards, aware that this is conditional and subject to change. We understand you may still have concerns, so with this in mind, we have relaxed our usual policies, allowing you to cancel your room up to 24 hours prior to your arrival. As always, we will continue to be as flexible as possible regarding your stay with us.

We look forward to welcoming you back to Bowood with a warm smile.


It will be wonderful to begin welcoming back our hotel guests and breathing life into the resort. Whether enjoying afternoon tea or a cocktail on the terrace, visiting the gardens and grounds of Bowood House, playing golf on our PGA course or dining in our Shelburne Restaurant. We are blessed with plenty of fresh air and acres of space in the Wiltshire countryside.

We have laid out concise plans, which we will continue to review and amend over the coming weeks, as changes are communicated by the government and industry organisations. Please take the time to read the detailed information, which we have compiled to put your mind at ease about visiting us again.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us here.


Jaey's Course Update - 31st May 2020

First of all, I must give thanks to the effort and enthusiasm of the greenkeeping team who have been working hard with a reduced team size through challenging operational and weather conditions. We have also had some fantastic help from the boys starting with footprinting bunkers, good on you all.

It really is a team effort and it is important to point out during this time where we have an unusual and privileged opportunity for members to have exclusive use of the golf course we all, golfers and greenkeepers alike, share a collective responsibility for the welfare of the course.


For you, the golfer, the brunt of this responsibility lies in the form of golf etiquette, most simply to tidy up after yourselves; repair pitch marks, pick up your used tee pegs, and take your litter home with you.

Unfortunately, there’s a small minority, who aren’t living up to their responsibilities as we are dealing with high volumes of pitch marks on greens, damage to greens, and even litter left on the course.

To the majority of our members and guests, keep up the good work on the course and enjoy your rounds, it is great seeing you back and thank you!

Poa Seeding

Our weather has been challenging through April and May with virtually no rainfall and temperatures well into the ’20s for a long stretch now. These conditions in combination with the dry north and easterly winds of early spring have dried the ground incredibly quickly with areas looking like July rather than May. Our irrigation schedule is extensive and we are running the system for over twelve hours every day as I write this. My apologies if this does impact your round but needs must.

From a grass perspective, we are moving to the end of our usual spring challenges with species lag on the greens. Bentgrass growth picked up strength back in March and we did see assertion into stands of Poa annua through these last two months. Surface smoothness is a challenge every spring, and I have covered this several times but given the impact that has on your game here is a quick recap.

  • Bentgrass begins growth much earlier in the spring when soil temperatures are cool.
  • Poa annua will not start growing until soil temperatures raise to a significantly higher level and once growth does start the plants move quickly into a flowering stage for several weeks.
  • The combination of no vegetative growth plus seedhead production means that the Poa sits below the bentgrass and therefore we have bumpy surfaces through April and May, every year.

18th fairway bunker edging

We aim to reduce the impact of this situation by brushing the greens before mowing to stand up the seedheads, rolling as often as we can, and topdressing often, but these practices will only reduce the impact not eliminate it. As we head into June, May Poa seeding is reducing and we are seeing enough growth to fill in the sward and see smoothness improve daily.

Catching up with bunkers was a mammoth task having had two months of no maintenance. We have weeded, edged, and raked as best we can in the limited timeframe and are also trialling presentation on the banks of fairway bunkers by leaving back edges long. We will assess these as the season progresses and already have a list of adaptation to address.

That’s all for now, look after those pitchmarks and enjoy your golf.

Jaey Goodchild
Head Greenkeeper


Welcome Back

I have to say that it’s great news that we can finally open the course for everyone. The team and I are looking forward to seeing you all out there.


I have to say that it’s great news that we can finally open the course for everyone. The team and I are looking forward to seeing you all out there.

Our work over the last few weeks has been tough, as spring growth has pushed mowing regimes to their limits while staying within industry guidelines on course maintenance. Working with limited resources and within regulations, we have had to forego bunker and hazard maintenance, so at the moment we are playing catch up on a very tight schedule.

Working on short notice, I rapidly reassembled the team on Tuesday to put in a long day through Wednesday and Thursday before opening for you on Friday. We have done our very best to get things ready but there are a few things that we need to catch up on after the course is open, but I’m sure you will be very happy and understand.

The team will need the space to work safely and bring things back to where we would like them, so please offer your full cooperation and take their outstanding efforts to heart.

Again, we all look forward to seeing you soon.
Best always,


‘While April was unusually quiet and still, across Bowood House & Gardens’ as the public stayed at home, Bowood has nevertheless welcomed some unexpected visitors this spring!’

Head Gardener, David Glass explains what’s been happening outdoors at Bowood and what we can look forward to when we re-open once more.


‘Walking through the Walled Garden in mid-April, I was very surprised to spot the May Gold rose in full bloom – something I wouldn’t expect to see until nearer to June.

The tulips were in flower – as expected – and the wisteria’s early May appearance has been on track too.

A rose barging in ahead of time and shouldering up alongside the tulips is an example of some strange plant behaviour that I am seeing happen more and more. It has to be a result of global warming.’


‘Thanks to a wet winter and spring, a lack of frosts and the recent warm and sunny weather, this has been a particularly good year for the blossom, with much more of it this spring.

Having not opened on 1st April as planned, for the time being it is just myself and one other Bowood gardener looking after the formal gardens for the time-being. Our priority is tending to the plants, keeping weeds at bay and the vast lawns under control so that when we open again everything will be more than up to the usual high standards for which Bowood’s gardens are known.’


‘Looking at the months ahead I believe there is great promise for an outstanding year in the gardens. ‘As indicated by the May Gold, the roses are as healthy as I have ever seen them and their season looks set to be a longer one than usual.

All our work pruning, clearing away all the dead leaves and adding a thick layer of farm manure is certainly paying off.’


‘We replaced 200 Iceburg roses last autumn as, ageing, they were becoming weak with no new growth from the bottom. This is no easy process: all the soil also had to be replaced so as to reduce the chance of ‘rose sickness’. The roses were then planted in the new soil with rootgrow (microbial bacteria) to encourage more root hairs and improved growth. So far so good; these new Iceburg roses are a particular favourite of Lord Lansdowne.

‘Some of my own particular favourites include Kew Gardens, Gentle Hermione and Altissimo. Although we have over 1,000 shrub roses, we are also fortunate to have many walls around the House and the four-acre Private Walled Garden. These provide the perfect spots for a huge selection of climbing roses on walls of every aspect, including the trickier north-facing ones.

All going well I expect to see the roses at their peak around late June – July although they will continue to bloom sporadically until the first frost. I do so hope that by then it will again be possible for the public to visit Bowood.’


David has also been busy with seasonal planting in the Kitchen Garden section of the Walled Garden, located behind Bowood House. Seeds he has recently sown will see the likes of carrots, parsnips, peas, beans, brassicas, onions, leeks, sweetcorn, courgettes and various salad leaves emerge as summer arrives.

‘The past weeks have certainly impressed on us all, more than ever, how we should be making the most of seasonal, home-grown and local produce,’ says David. ‘It has been wonderful to see how many people have for the first time taken to gardening – even if it is simply a window box for herbs – as well as the increased interest in down-to-earth home cooking. The marriage of the two and the whole ‘garden plot to plate’ philosophy will hopefully have added traction as we proceed through the year.

I recently walked the Kitchen Garden – at the required distance, of course, with Bowood Hotel’s Executive Head Chef, Rupert Taylor; we chatted about how produce either already out, or about to appear must not go to waste and how we can plan ahead for when the various restaurants on the Estate will open once more.

We considered what works especially well for preserving, storing and being frozen for later consumption and this provides a really useful guide to what will be planted now and in the coming weeks. Bowood’s kitchens may be closed currently, but food prep is underway nevertheless!’


David closes by saying ‘whether it’s roses or radishes, peonies or potatoes, when Bowood opens its gates to visitors once more, we will be more than up to the mark!’

We regularly post photos of the gardens during closure on our social media platforms. Why not follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date.

We hope to welcome you to Bowood in the near future.

Instagram: @bowoodwiltshire
Facebook: BowoodHouseandGardens


Jaey's Course Update for April 2020

Strange and troubling times as April ends. My thoughts are with everyone who has been affected through this crisis either socially or medically and, like most, I long for a return to the routines and activities that we normally take for granted.

Spring is the time of year that we see the most significant and rapid change on the land and as temperatures have been rising and day length extending we are seeing very strong growth and recovery to areas that were under significant stress during our record winter wet spell.


Our total rainfall from September to March was roughly 700mm. This figure combined with short day length, low temperatures, and consequent low evaporation rates, leads to a groundwater surplus and challenging ground conditions for the entire autumn and winter. Since the middle of March, we have seen an exceptionally dry period leading to quite heavy irrigation demand in recent days.

Our programme of course maintenance through the last month has been focused on key, essential tasks to promote turf health, in line with regulations set out by the central government and following recommendations published by the governing bodies of greenkeeping and golf, BIGGA, R&A, PGA and England Golf.

Our aim is to ensure that when we have an opportunity to open the course, we are able to tighten things down with mowing and have the course ready for you to play with good turf quality.


In order to achieve this, we have a very small team of greenkeepers working full time primarily focusing on mowing fine turf areas, greens, approaches, tees, fairways and semi-rough. Cut rough areas have been cut only where necessary where growth is strong with some areas, particularly up on the sandy soils of 13, having not been mown yet.

Additionally, there is a need to maintain adequate fertility so we have been feeding and supplementing these areas in line with achieving our goal of promotion of turf health and to ensure that we are not behind our schedule to achieve high-quality surfaces.


Our maintenance of bunkers and hazards has ceased through this time and barring the odd bit of deer trampling, bunkers are in quite good condition.

It is wonderful to see more and more wildlife across the course; we have seen a wider range of birds on site, roe deer are moving out of the woods more often and the fallow deer are generally very accepting of our movements around the course.


It is very strange being on the course daily without any of you here and even more so not seeing our whole team of greenkeepers here every day. Funnily though, some old habits remain, as all of us have joked that we are still checking over our shoulders for golf playing through, as we mow or drive around the course!

I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead and getting back to see all the familiar faces.

Best to all,

Head Greenkeeper

Updated on 29th June 2020  

Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort 

We are really pleased to confirm that we will re-open the Hotel on Monday 6th July. We are now taking reservations from this date onwards and we look forward to welcoming you back to Bowood.
You can book online – or please email – – we ask for your patience in responding to your enquiry.



Bowood Golf

Bowood Golf is open to both Members and Visitors. For more information, please visit the website here.

Bowood Hotel Events

Please contact us to discuss your event and we ask for your patience in responding to your enquiry. Please email 

Bowood Gift Vouchers

If you have a Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort Gift Voucher with an expiry date up to the end of July 2020 – we will extend your voucher/s to the 30th November 2020. Please keep a copy of the reference number so we can update your voucher in the future once we reopen. Thank you for your cooperation.

Bowood House & Gardens

Bowood House & Gardens is, for now, exclusively open to Season Ticket Holders.
For more information, please click here

This position will be regularly reviewed and further updates will be provided over the coming weeks. We will return to ‘business as usual’, once guidance indicates that this is appropriate.

If you have any further questions in relation to your booking at Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort, please contact our Hotel Reception Team by emailing 

If you have any further questions in relation to Bowood House & Gardens, please contact our Estate Reception Team by emailing 

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Estate has been closely monitoring official advice to ensure that Bowood remains in-step with the latest guidelines. The health and well-being of Bowood’s loyal visitors and staff is our utmost priority.

In line with the latest government guidance, we are pleased to confirm that the Grounds and Terrace Gardens at Bowood re-opened to Season Ticket Holders from Saturday 30th May. As you will appreciate, in order to ensure that Bowood remains a safe environment for both our visitors and staff, it will be necessary to take a measured approach – it will not be possible to immediately open all areas. Further updates will be posted shortly.


The Woodland Gardens

Due to more recent government guidelines, we have now made the difficult decision not to open the Woodland Gardens in 2020. The Gardens will re-open for the 2021 season.

Season Ticket Holders

The gardens and grounds have re-opened to Season Ticket holders.

Our team remains focused on re-opening extra facilities once safe to do so, therefore we are not processing refunds on Season Tickets at this time.
For more information – please click here.

We thank you for your understanding during this unprecedented time and we will continue to keep you updated.

Kind regards,

Marcus Lee
Estate Manager

Our Morus nigra (black mulberry) body wrap is the ‘mother’ of all beauty treatments from Ytsara this March…

Mum’s the word this season and there’s no better way of telling her how much you love her than by treating her to our brand-new Treatment of the Month from Ytsara.

We’ve collaborated with Ytsara to offer a renewing full body scrub followed by a detoxifying body wrap leaving the skin feeling firmer, rejuvenated and brighter.

The treatment also includes a choice of either a relaxing head massage or a tension relieving foot massage.

A little bit about Ytsara

The premise of the Ytsara brand is about understanding that nature recognises and works hand in hand with nature. As a company, they have used this to formula to create effective skincare remedies that use efficient natural actives that are readily bio-available and can immediately lock with your own cells.

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About Our Treatment of the Month

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#1 Renewing Body Polish

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This leaves the skin detoxified and firmer whilst promoting its natural glow. Dehydrated skin, as well as fatty tissue is treated and reduced.

The overall results of the body mask include more radiant, elastic and fairer skin as well as overall body toning.

#3 Head or Foot Massage

While the regenerative body wrap is working its magic on the skin, you can choose from either a relaxing head massage or a tension relieving foot massage.

Would you like to book in this March?

This treatment is available throughout March either as an upgrade should you wish to join us for a Bowood Spa Day or Bowood Spa Break or to book as a treatment (£80.00 for 60-minutes).

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Our winter weather has been relentless bar the week that I was abroad, typical...

Longer days and brighter mornings, spring in on its way we all hope. Our winter weather has been relentless bar the week that I was abroad, typical.


Although we did not receive the high levels of rainfall that our friends to the west of us received, rainfall for February is still sitting at about 90mm so far following storms Ciara and Dennis.

Strong wind gusts did cause some damage to trees on the course notably a large oak in the woodland between 6th and 7th holes and three poplars on the corner next to the 6th green. Clearing the poplars trunks will be delayed until we can access the area with heavier equipment, clearing the brash has been completed.

Spring renovation

Our annual spring renovation will commence on Monday 2 March, one week later than in previous years. A change to the programme for greens this year though as we alter our objectives with spring surface preparation.

Whereas in previous years we have either deep scarified or hollow tined, this year we will be taking a less aggressive approach and light scarifying then solid tine aeration complimented by a heavy sand topdress. Recovery will be faster than when we undertake more aggressive work but as always, the speed of recovery is wholly dictated by soil temperatures.

Spring renovation part 2

Our objectives for the spring are:

  • Reduce moss remnants due to a wet winter and to compliment the moss treatment programme since Christmas.
  • Create an extensive network of aeration channels to maximise spring root development as soil temperatures rise to growing temperatures.
  • Incorporate sand topdressing to maintain a free-draining and firm playing surface.

Ongoing improvement of the approaches will be bolstered by topdressing and solid tine aeration following the same procedures as the greens and we will do both of these areas at the same time to minimise mobilisation resources.

Across other areas of the course we will be hoping for a dry-ish spell in the run up to this working week that will enable us to start addressing our compacted walk-off areas that have suffered.

Course work

Clearing and opening up woods around the 2nd stream has been on our to-do list for some time and this wet spell has been the perfect opportunity.

Clearing brambles and bracken on the upper section will allow primula and wild strawberries to flourish and allow some to find their golf balls more easily. Thinning hazels, holly and scrub will allow better airflow along the lower section which will help to dry the area plus the stream will be more visible as a feature of the course.

After a long stretch of limited access the team have completed the renewal of drains and installation of fabric lining into the 6th greenside bunker. A liner will greatly reduce sand contamination from drainage gravel and clay.

Finally, we welcome our new team member to out greenkeeping crew, Steve Taylor will be helping us manage course conditions on the weekend, primarily bunkers, as a help to our full-time team. Great to have Steve with us for the start of a new season.

As we approach March everyone is looking to put the last six months of weather challenges behind us and move on with a new year. March and April are fickle and in recent years we have seen both warm, dry conditions and very cold spells, three guesses which of those we are all hoping for!

Moving forward from that point, it will be a busy year with some great events firmed up in the calendar which we are all looking forward to.

Happy golfing, mind the pick marks!

Jaey Goodchild

Head Greenkeeper