As we welcome in 2019, we are honoured to announce that Bowood Hotel Spa and Golf Resort have been added by The PGA to its growing portfolio of Branded Properties worldwide as a PGA Golf Course and PGA Golf Academy.

Our Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort joins the elite group of PGA Branded Properties around the world, including past Ryder Cup venues The Belfry and Gleneagles, together with other exceptional resorts like Aphrodite Hills as the PGA National Cyprus and Antalya Golf Club as the PGA National Turkey.

Celebrating the news, Director of Golf at Bowood and Advanced Head PGA Professional, Ben Emerson says...

“This partnership with the PGA takes Bowood to an entirely different and exciting level and firmly puts us on the golfing map. Not only as a PGA Golf Course, but also as a PGA Golf Academy. Our 5 resident PGA professionals coach all levels and ages, from juniors right through to European tour players.”

The PGA’s Executive Director – Commercial, Liam Greasley added:

“The PGA is delighted to welcome Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort to the group of world-class PGA Branded properties. Bowood has been long recognised as a first class golf course which will be tested to the full as the host venue for the final of the English PGA Championship in July 2019.”

As part of the hotel’s new relationship with The PGA, Bowood will also become the home of the English PGA Championship for the next three years and will prove to be testing examination for the 144 players playing in this iconic event at this quintessentially English venue.

Lord Lansdowne, proprietor of the Bowood Estate, said:

“We are delighted to have been endorsed by The PGA as an accredited golf course and academy and we are extremely proud that our championship golf course has reached the high standard required to bear The PGA name. This endorsement reflects the dedication of our outstanding team at Bowood.”

Stay & Play at Bowood in 2019...

Our Stay & Play golf breaks include a round of golf, overnight accommodation (based on two sharing), a three-course dinner in the Shelburne Restaurant, breakfast the following morning and full use of the Spa facilities.


To book, call us on 01249 822 228 or contact us here.

Become a Bowood Golf Member...

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Golfs New Rules: The Key Changes

The R&A and the USGA have released golfs new rules, which will take effect on 1st January 2019. Here are five of the most significant changes…

How to Drop a Ball

You will drop your ball from knee height into the relief area.


Time for Ball Search

Three minutes will be the maximum allotted time to search for a ball, rather than the current five minutes.

Repairing Spike Marks

You will be allowed to repair spike marks and any other damage on the putting green by a person or an animal or maintenance practices.

Leaving Flagstick in the Hole

If you make a stroke from on the green and your ball hits the flagstick in the hole there will be no penalty.

Relaxed Rules in Penalty Area

You will be allowed to ground your club and move loose impediments in a penalty area (an extended concept of water hazards that does not include bunkers).

When we swing a club, we are essentially asking our body to rotate in balance...

This places considerable physical demands on both hips, which need mobility and strength to permit and stabilise that twisting motion back and through. If your hip region is weak and/or stiff, you invite a series of technical issues with your swing. Most common are excessive lateral movement – swaying or sliding – poor weight shift as your hips refuse to take the load, and standing up out of posture. But how do you know if you have adequate hip strength and mobility? This test will help you find out… and if you should fail it, there’s a plan to help.

Build 60º ANGLE

Lie your 6-iron on the ground in front of you, its face showing to the sky. Place a second iron along the sole of the 6-iron, as shown. This sets up a 60º angle between the shafts, which becomes a key part of the test. Place a third club across your belt, in line with the 6-iron on the ground.


Create a mirror image set-up with the clubs and perform the same test for your lead leg and hip. Again, you are looking to get the shaft across your belt at least in line with the club on the ground. Failure to achieve this indicates you will have difficulty posting up properly onto the lead leg…which can lead to standing up and hanging back through the ball.


Withdraw your lead foot, balancing yourself on your trail foot and lead toe cap as shown. Now, keeping the club in line with your belt, rotate back; can you get the club across your hips to match the angle of the second shaft on the turf?


If you passed that test, congratulations – 60º of rotation back and through reveals you have enough mobility to rotate through your core without the need to sway or straighten up. If you couldn’t quite get the shafts to match, the best advice is to repeat this test three or four times a week. It doubles as a stretch, and in time will increase your range of movement. But in the meantime, here is one other thing you can try.


Take your regular stance. Typically we’ like to see feet, hips and shoulders all in line with each other, aiming parallel left of you target. On this occasion through, we are going to pull the trail foo back by half the length of the lead foot.


As you do this, take care not to pull your shoulders and hips out of their initial alignment. By pulling the trail foot back we are simply going to give that trail hip a little more freedom to rotate. You can also flare the toe a little to improve mobility.

The season has certainly hit us with a vengeance over the last couple of weeks, a long sympathetic spell of dry weather through October and November has given us a firm ground conditions and healthy growth has helped maintain great presentation and growth.

Early December saw well over an inch of rain fall in the first week which certainly had an impact on the course particularly off-fairway in the valley section of the course. These testing conditions have demonstrated that the regime employed to improve soil conditions on the driving range, second, seventh, seventeenth and twelfth holes has given very positive results. We will be continuing with this programme next summer both to compliment the initial work and to expand the management onto further areas.


Turf establishment and irrigation installation are all that remain to finalise on the eighth tee. As discussed last month the new sized teeing area brings huge benefit to wear management and once a solid rolling and top dressing regime has been implemented we will be ready for play.

Finally, from the greenkeeping team, after a unique year, all the very best for Christmas and Happy New Year.

Best always

Jaey Goodchild

If you're thinking of tying the knot here on the beautiful Bowood Estate, read some of Mr & Mrs Horgans special highlights...

Reflecting on our big day, we cannot say enough just how amazing our time was at the hotel and we want to thank the team at Bowood for providing such a relaxing and fun venue for both us and our guests to enjoy.

From the moment we arrived and were greeted, we felt totally at ease. The food and beverage team were excellent and in our opinion, we cannot remember one moment when there wasn’t anyone around to help or assist us when required.

“We found the overall cost including food, drinks, accommodation and the venue incredibly good value for money”.

The food was delicious and many of our friends and family mentioned how delightful the meal was. We found the overall cost including food, drinks, accommodation and the venue incredibly good value for money.

Ella, our Wedding Co-ordinator was a massive support as well as the Toastmaster, all of the bar and waiting staff and of course the kitchen brigade.

“Bowood truly is a magnificent wedding venue and all our guests commented on how beautiful and relaxed the atmosphere was”.

Overall, all we can say is that Bowood truly is a magnificent wedding venue and all our guests commented on how beautiful and relaxed the atmosphere was. On top of all of this, all our guests that stayed in the hotel on the night of our wedding day were very impressed with the rooms as well as breakfast and the facilities at the hotel.

To enquire about potentially tying the knot at one of Wiltshire’s most exclusive wedding venues, get in touch with our Weddings Team today!

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When things go wrong with our game, our first instinct is to question our technique...

Of course, that might be where the problem lies; but more often than you might think, a simple focus on improving your physical conditioning can resolve or at least improve the situation. Our first article – poor or inconsistent striking in bunkers – is a great example. Here’s why… and what you can do about it.

Shifting sands
The ideal contact in bunkers sees the clubhead enter the sand an inch or so behind the ball. To hit that precise strike point, you need to keep the low point of the swing’s arc consistent.


Instability: a new low
The low point of the swing falls under the lead chest. If your lower body is not able to stablise your action correctly, your upper body slides back and/or forwards during the swing, shifting its low point.


Thin skinned
The typical downswing flaw in sand sees the golfer slide forward, towards the flag. This moves the low point forward too, risking clean or thin contact. It also hinders the correct acceleration of the club.


Solid strike
That unwanted sliding motion tends to happen when the lead leg fails to support and contain forward weight shift. So rather than a complicated technical solution, quite often all that is needed is to wake up your leg muscles and remind them of their duty to stabilise impact. Find this more braced impact and your sand contact will instantly improve.

1 Lead leg-only swings

On the front foot

Position the ball opposite your lead toe and take your regular stance. Now withdraw your trail leg – either completely off the ground as shown, or you can balance on your toe cap. Make your swing from this position.

Do the legwork

With your platform compromised, your lead leg has to work much, much harder to keep you balanced. This is a great drill for anyone who struggles with sliding or hanging back; just focus more on building lead-leg stability than where the ball goes.

2 Splay Footed Swings

Locked out
I want you to feel you are taking your lower body out of play in bunkers. To help you get this feeling, take a wider stance than normal. As you dig you feet in open up your feet and knees, so that both feet point out.

Squat Feel
Just before you start the swing, get the feeling you are ‘sitting down’ more in the bunker. This, along with the splayed feet and knees, engages and braces the muscles in you legs, helping that sense of a rock-solid lower half.

Hit the spot
From here, just make your normal swing. Keep your eyes locked on the club’s entry point into the sand and feel the motion is driven by the hands, arms and upper body.  With your lower half now stabilising better, you’ll hit that spot more often.




Members' Christmas Party

Book your tickets to our Bowood Members’ Christmas Party on Wednesday 12th December 2018.


A mild start to November had seen continued growth across the course until this week when temperatures dropped significantly to more seasonally expected levels.

Limited rainfall has kept our surfaces reasonably dry allowing work and play to continue but the cold spell over the last week has certainly turned the season towards winter and had a real effect on turning the last few leaves.

With that; leaves have been at the forefront of our team’s mind over the last few weeks and as I write this we are seeing the climax of leaf-fall which means that the back is broken for this autumn. The last trees to leaf-fall are generally oaks and every year one particular tree adjacent to the third green hangs on longer than all the others! Collecting leaves has become more and more mechanical over the years with tractor mounted blowers and high capacity sweepers giving a much more efficient rate of collection when conditions are drier.

Grazing the Rough

Once again we have been grazing long rough and wildflower areas in this post summer season and the last two weeks a larger flock of roughly 400 livestock have been on site. The breed we are using this season is a different breed to previous grazing operations which has allowed us to graze more aggressively and therefore move the sheep around the course more quickly. Added to this, they are less fussy eaters and have been grazing back plants that we would normally need to treat additionally.

Grazing has been having fantastic effects on the thinning of these areas which is bringing huge benefits to ball finding and speed of play from a golf perspective but equally so has been allowing thin grass species and wild flower populations to become more competitive in these areas that were once dominated by course, heavy grasses bringing increases in biodiversity particularly for insects.

Eighth Tee

Expansion of the eighth tee has been progressing well and by print turfing of the surface should be complete. Increasing the teeing surface has given us a usable area for white, yellow and purple tee marker placement of more than double the area previously available on this tee. Increasing the teeing area will greatly reduce wear and tear on the surface plus allow us to influence playability of the hole by shifting the markers to the right and reducing the impact of the left hand bunker on daily, forward play. A great effort from the team who have been working on this project.

Greens Management

Finally, greens management through winter takes a very different approach to rest of the year. Our focus from now until soil temperatures begin to move back towards double digit figures if managing disease through sensible use of trace element fertilsers and doing the best we can to keep the leaf dry. On a daily basis we will remove the dew from the green surfaces, either through hand brushing, rolling or mowing. The point is to shorten the period that the grass leaf is wet because the less time there is moisture on the leaf surface the less opportunity there is for fungal spores to spread and possibly initiate disease.

If you're thinking of holding your next meeting or event here on the beautiful Bowood Estate, read this recent testimonial from Symtec Technologies...

Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort is a wonderful Wiltshire meeting and events space and its location, in our opinion, makes Bowood an ideal meeting spot. The team at the hotel were very attentive and provided us with smooth and professional customer service from start to finish – nothing was too much trouble.

“The team at the hotel were very attentive and provided us with smooth and professional customer service from start to finish - nothing was too much trouble”.

Want to know more about meeting and events at Bowood? – Find Out More

Sybil, the Hotels’ Meetings & Events Manager responded to all our queries before and after the event and we were very satisfied with how everything came together. Alongside this, the hotel reception team provided us with a warm welcome and the ambiance within the reception area was very lovely. The service in The Clubhouse Brasserie was also excellent which made dining very enjoyable.

“All of the food served at lunch, the treats throughout the day and dinner were all superb (especially the desserts)”.

Want to know more about meeting and events at Bowood? – Find Out More

The catering, in particular, was incredible. We were so impressed that the conference and banqueting team remembered our group, which made managing our account seamless. Often at other meeting venues, you can be continually asked for your booking but this wasn’t an issue at Bowood. The variety of food and beverage on offer at the hotel was extensive. All of the food served at lunch, the treats throughout the day and dinner were all superb (especially the desserts).

We will definitely be returning to Bowood, Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort in the future. Thank you to all of the team who made our day such a success.


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Let us keep you refreshed, well fed and raring to go.

Our wedding day at Bowood was more than we could ever have imagined, helped immensely by the great skill and professionalism of the Bowood Team.

Ella, our Wedding Co-ordinator was fantastic. She was extremely friendly and professional and ensured we’d covered every touch point in our meetings making the planning process seamless.

She was particularly helpful in the weeks leading up to our wedding, helping us sort out the finer points, such as table plans and room decorations. We could not have wished for a better Wedding Co-ordinator.

“We could not have wished for a better Wedding Co-ordinator”.

The second we arrived at the hotel, the greeting was excellent. The team were already at the front of the Kerry Suite with the canapés and drinks and all of our guests were extremely impressed. They were all very friendly from beginning to end and the food and drinks were crafted and delivered to the tables in a very timely manner.

We would like to extend a special thanks to Michael, the Master of Ceremonies, who conducted his role perfectly on the day and managed the team extremely well. He ensured the day ran smoothly and took a lot of pressure off our shoulders allowing us to enjoy our once in a lifetime special occasion.

The cuisine, as well as the drinks, were exceptional and we had a lot of our guests commenting on how tasty and delicious the meal was at the wedding breakfast.

“While it might sound a little bit cliché, our wedding day really was perfect and we could not have wished anything more".

Looking back, we’re so happy that we chose Bowood as our Wiltshire wedding venue. The price of the venue may have been slightly higher than that of other wedding venues in Wiltshire, but we believe it was worth every penny and more. While it might sound a little bit cliché, our wedding day really was perfect and we could not have wished anything more. Thank you to all the team at Bowood that helped make our wedding day so phenomenal and special (particularly Ella, Michael, and Rebecca).

We will certainly not hesitate in recommending Bowood as a wedding venue to our friends and family in the future.

o enquire about potentially tying the knot at one of Wiltshire’s most exclusive wedding venuesget in touch with our Weddings Team today!

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Add a little bit of 'spa-rkle' to your family and friends Christmas Stockings this festive season...

When shopping for the ladies in your life, you should always remember to put in that little bit of extra thought and care. To help you for your Christmas shopping list, we’ve put together a fabulous guide to tempt you when purchasing those all-important gifts!

Below you’ll find an assortment of affordable, stylish and must have spa-inspired gifts. Some are available to purchase online as vouchers, others can be reserved and collected from The Spa at Bowood.

30-Minute Express Facial


A relaxing holistic facial, perfect for someone special in need of some well-deserved pampering. Reawaken and rejuvenate tired skin with this holistic facial customised to your specific skin type. Natural exfoliation and skin renewal along with a décolleté massage will leave your skin looking radiant.



30-Minute Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage


Experience an indulgent massage using warm healing oil. This soothing and relaxing treatment helps to relieve tension and promote well-being.


Six Personal Training Sessions (SAVE £30)

£150 | 45 Minute Sessions

Take advantage of our latest special offer on personal training sessions at The Spa at Bowood.

We have three-bundles of six, 45 minutes lessons to choose from and can be redeemed with any of our four highly skilled and fully qualified Personal Trainers.


Eminence Organics Starter Sets

From £43 – £50

This Christmas, give the gift of an ageless, bright or flawless complexion with one of the Eminence Organics Starter Sets. These award-winning products are openly used by celebrities such as Megan Markle, Eva Longoria and Dita Von Teese. Our range of Eminence Organics Starter Sets include:

  • Age Corrective Starter Set | £50
  • Eight Greens Starter Set | £50
  • Stone Crop Starter Set | £46
  • Bright Skin Starter Set | £43
  • Calm Skin Starter Set | £43
  • Clear Skin Starter Set | £43
  • Firm Skin Starter Set | £43
  • Youth Shield Starter Set | £43

Please note: These products are exclusively available to purchase in-store, via the Spa Reception.


Spa Days

From £70 – £140 per person

Everyone requires a little downtime to relax and unwind. Our Spa Days are the perfect bundle of relaxation and rejuvenation making them a popular Christmas gift for that friend or family members who is always on the go. Our Spa Days include:

  • Brunch Time Spa Day | £70 – £99 per person
  • Afternoon Tea Spa Day | £70 – £99 per person
  • Rejuvenation Spa Day | £120 – £140 per person
  • Twilight Spa & Dinner | £105 per person

All are available to buy as a voucher online here.


75-Minute Hot Stone Massage (Save £15)


This timeless and signature treatment uses traditional oils to compliment your skin type as well as warm basalt stones to relax the muscles allowing for a deeper and more intense all-over massage.

Please note: This voucher is only available to purchase online via our website.



Home Candles: £32.95 each | Travel Candles: £16.95 each

Handmade and ethically sourced in England, Scentered offer therapeutic candles made from a custom blend of natural waxes, sustainably sourced and non-GM, with pure essential oils for a clean burn and natural fragrance. We currently stock the following Scentered Candles:

  • De-Stress Therapy Candle
  • Escape Therapy Candle
  • Sleep Well Therapy Candle

Please note: These products are available to purchase in-store, via the Spa Reception.




Gift Vouchers

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Spa Christmas Shopping Evening

Join us on Thursday 6th December 2018 for mulled wine, mince pies and a spot of Christmas shopping…