Add a little bit of 'spa-rkle' to your family and friends Christmas Stockings this festive season...

When shopping for the ladies in your life, you should always remember to put in that little bit of extra thought and care. To help you for your Christmas shopping list, we’ve put together a fabulous guide to tempt you when purchasing those all-important gifts!

Below you’ll find an assortment of affordable, stylish and must have spa-inspired gifts. Some are available to purchase online as vouchers, others can be reserved and collected from The Spa at Bowood.

30-Minute Express Facial


A relaxing holistic facial, perfect for someone special in need of some well-deserved pampering. Reawaken and rejuvenate tired skin with this holistic facial customised to your specific skin type. Natural exfoliation and skin renewal along with a décolleté massage will leave your skin looking radiant.



30-Minute Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage


Experience an indulgent massage using warm healing oil. This soothing and relaxing treatment helps to relieve tension and promote well-being.


Eminence Organics Starter Sets

From £43 – £50

This Christmas, give the gift of an ageless, bright or flawless complexion with one of the Eminence Organics Starter Sets. These award-winning products are openly used by celebrities such as Megan Markle, Eva Longoria and Dita Von Teese. Our range of Eminence Organics Starter Sets include:

  • Age Corrective Starter Set | £50
  • Eight Greens Starter Set | £50
  • Stone Crop Starter Set | £46
  • Bright Skin Starter Set | £43
  • Calm Skin Starter Set | £43
  • Clear Skin Starter Set | £43
  • Firm Skin Starter Set | £43
  • Youth Shield Starter Set | £43

Please note: These products are exclusively available to purchase in-store, via the Spa Reception.


Spa Days

From £70 – £140 per person

Everyone requires a little downtime to relax and unwind. Our Spa Days are the perfect bundle of relaxation and rejuvenation making them a popular Christmas gift for that friend or family members who is always on the go. Our Spa Days include:

  • Brunch Time Spa Day | £70 – £99 per person
  • Afternoon Tea Spa Day | £70 – £99 per person
  • Rejuvenation Spa Day | £120 – £140 per person
  • Twilight Spa & Dinner | £105 per person

All are available to buy as a voucher online here.


75-Minute Hot Stone Massage (Save £15)


This timeless and signature treatment uses traditional oils to compliment your skin type as well as warm basalt stones to relax the muscles allowing for a deeper and more intense all-over massage.

Please note: This voucher is only available to purchase online via our website.



Home Candles: £32.95 each | Travel Candles: £16.95 each

Handmade and ethically sourced in England, Scentered offer therapeutic candles made from a custom blend of natural waxes, sustainably sourced and non-GM, with pure essential oils for a clean burn and natural fragrance. We currently stock the following Scentered Candles:

  • De-Stress Therapy Candle
  • Escape Therapy Candle
  • Sleep Well Therapy Candle

Please note: These products are available to purchase in-store, via the Spa Reception.




Gift Vouchers

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Spa Christmas Shopping Evening

Join us on Thursday 6th December 2018 for mulled wine, mince pies and a spot of Christmas shopping…


Here's a handful of great gift ideas for those with a keen golfer in the family...

If you’re struggling to find gifts for him or her this Christmas, there’s a big chance that they might be a golfer. You know the kind of folk we’re on about, big brother, mum and dad, even grandma and grandpa. This Christmas, we’ve created some affordable, useful and stylish golf themed presents which you can order online via our online gift voucher shop or buy in the Pro Shop here at Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with one of our golf pros by calling 01249 823 811 or via


From £30 per lesson

Our Golf Lessons are the perfect gift either for those who are complete beginners or for the more experienced golf who is keen to improve their handicap/improve their technique.

30 Minute Lesson | £30BUY ONLINE

60 Minute Lesson | £60BUY ONLINE

Individual 9 Hole Playing Lesson | £90BUY ONLINE

18 Holes & One Course Lunch

£45 per person

Do you have a golf fanatic in the family? Or a friend who you think would like to try our championship course at Bowood? Or perhaps you just want to take advantage of a great offer – whichever it may be, this winter we are offering an exclusive 18-holes of golf with a one-course Brasserie lunch in our Clubhouse for only £45 per person.

Follow the Buy Now link to find out more and to purchase online.


9 Holes & One Course Lunch

£30 per person

It can get quite chilly out on the course in the winter months which is why we’re also offering 9 holes of golf on our championship golf course and a one-course lunch in the Clubhouse Brasserie.

Follow the Buy Now link to find out more and to purchase online.


£50 Pro Shop Gift Voucher with 10% Off


Are you worried about buying them a golf-inspired gift without much knowledge of what they might have already?

If so, our £50 Golf Pro Shop Gift Voucher offers an extra 10% off when they spend it in-store making it the perfect gift option.

Follow the Buy Now link to find out more and to purchase online.



Buy Two Dozen Golf Balls, Get a Dozen Free (SAVE MINIMUM £22)

FROM £44

The ultimate stocking filler – make it a little bit more personal and if they’re Bowood Golf members, make sure that they are Bowood quality and save a minimum of £22!

Buy online and collect in-store today


Buy One Hugo Boss Jumper and get a Second Half Price (Save up to £90)

Prices range from £99 – £180

Keep them looking trendy and smart out on the greens with a couple of designer jumpers or sweatshirts.

To take advantage of this offer, please head to the Pro Shop, open daily from 7am – 5pm to view the collection and to purchase.

Gift Vouchers

Not quite found what you’re looking for? Browse our full collection of Spa, Golf, Dining & Bowood House & Gardens gift vouchers.




Spa Christmas Gift Guide

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If you're thinking of tying the knot here on the beautiful Bowood Estate, read some of Mr & Mrs Stokes special highlights...

The whole team at Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort were fantastic from start to finish. Ella, our Wedding Co-ordinator made planning an absolute breeze and was a joy to work with from day one. She was able to accommodate our every need at the Wiltshire wedding venue, while on the day, Michael really took care of us and ensured everything ran very smoothly.

Ella was fantastic and a real credit to Bowood. She took care of everything and was very prompt in replying to our emails. She was happy to help in any way and always seemed in a positive and chirpy mood. I’m really going to miss our little conversations.


“Our private chef at Queenwood Lodge was very friendly and prepared amazing food, making the occasion even more special for all”.

Want to know more about Queenwood Lodge? – Find Out More

Jeff and Karen were excellent hosts. Our private chef at Queenwood Lodge was very friendly and prepared amazing food making the occasion even more special for all.

In terms of the food and drink on our big day, the fruit punch has to be recognised as it was so tasty and almost everyone commented on just how delicious it was. We choose the BBQ menu and the chef strived to accommodate all our needs which included ordering halal meat and catering to our specific tastes. We honestly cannot thank the chef enough.


“…the chef strived to accommodate all our needs which included ordering halal meat and catering to our specific tastes”.

We’d most certainly recommend Bowood Hotel, Spa & Golf Resort as a venue and we’d love to say a big thank you to all team involved in making our day perfect. We really had an amazing day and made so many great memories. Thank you all for helping the day to run to plan and making it a total success.

To enquire about potentially tying the knot at one of Wiltshire’s most exclusive wedding venues, get in touch with our Weddings Team today!

Wedding Brochure

Read more information about our wedding packages including menus


Find out more about our beautiful countryside venue


Come and take a look around and tell us about your wedding plans


Find out more about our special rates for late availability dates.


Early October has given us a flush of mild, sunny weather that has been fantastic for turf growth and final recovery from the ills of a hot, dry summer.

As I pen this piece we have had almost an inch of rain for the month which is slightly below the long term average for the month and the forecast for the remainder of October is looking dry and bright at times albeit a little cool, expected as the year progresses.

A slow moving low pressure system gave us spell of rain and fog through the middle weekend which when combined with the cool temperatures of the time put a high degree of disease pressure from fusarium onto fine turf surface: greens, approached and tees.


A shift towards winter management procedures has been underway since our last course update with the outcome of these changes primarily being to give the turfgrass plant a higher degree of stress tolerance. The two major changes to procedure are:

  • Mowing height has been raised in two increments up to our current 5.5mm. The main benefit of raising the mowing height is to allow the plant a larger leaf surface area which in turn will allow a greater opportunity for photosynthesis and energy production. We are enabling the plant an opportunity to develop a higher degree of stress tolerance through this season of reduced temperature and light levels and increased moisture levels.
  • Reducing the frequency of mowing is the second strategy employed, this time for stress reduction through physical damage to the leaf. To maintain surface performance we substitute mowing for rolling or ironing which gives us a smooth surface without the stress of mowing.

Disease management encompasses these cultural changes plus we are using dew removal and calculated fertiliser, trace element and bio-stimulant applications to reduce both the incidence and impact of fusarium. Once again, increasing bentgrass populations in our greens does provide a sward that has higher tolerance of fusarium infection.

Aeration will continue while there are soil temperatures sufficient for root growth.

Bird Damage

I am sure that everyone has seen areas of turf around the clubhouse, ninth and eighteenth holes that have been damaged by rooks and crows tearing up turf over extensive areas. The birds are feeding on chafer grubs that are living just under the surface of the turf. Until 2016 turf managers had access to an insecticide that we could use to treat the grubs and hence prevent bird and in some cases badger damage across turfed areas. From August 2016 the licence for this insecticide product was revoked and using or possessing it became illegal.

There are a number of sustainable, non-chemical solutions to solving the grub problem and I am employing the following remedies but these are long term solutions that will not provide immediate relief.

The primary, direct treatment is the use of a parasitic nematode that specifically targets the chafer grub. We apply the nematodes in a water solution to the affected areas and the nematode population will establish and exploit the grub population each season. Research has demonstrated control to be effective for a number of years.

The second treatment is promoting a particular wildflower that hosts a wasp which predates on the chafer beetle and hence the chafer grub. We have been working to establish a population of these flowers close to the clubhouse areas from seed collected from other areas of the course.  Creating biological pressure on the grub from two different sources should see a reduction in grub populations and consequentially a reduction in bird damage.

In the meantime we are renovating through seeding to encourage turf recovery to restore these areas.

Worms and Casting

A very seasonal topic and one that does impact play, presentation on the golf course and turf health which as a golfer you will need be aware of limitations that have been placed upon turf managers.

There is no argument as to the high value that worms have to soil ecosystems, and based on this the decision was made by DEFRA and their European counterparts to completely withdraw from sale all worm suppressant products from both agriculture and amenity markets. Mirroring the situation with insecticides, we now have no access to any worm control products.

All healthy soils contain worm populations which bring substantial benefits including degradation of organic accumulation and natural aeration. The downside to beneficial, healthy populations is that as soil moisture levels increase certain species of worm move to the surface to cast their waste. Managing these casts is the challenge to all turf managers.

From a greenkeeping perspective, the most effective way to manage casting is physical dispersion by whipping the surface with a swish rod, an extremely labour intensive operation. Over a long-term perspective, increasing the proportion of sand in the rootzone surface layers through regular topdressing will discourage worms from making their way to the surface which will reduce casting. Finally, choosing fertilisers that acidify the soil will also discourage worms from making their way to the surface.

Gain Yards off the tee with PGA Professional Matt Hacking

The average club golfer swings a driver anywhere between 90 – 95 mph and usually with a negative Angle of Attack on average around  -3 Degrees. Angle of attack, or AOA refers to whether your club is travelling more up or down when it makes contact with the ball. Changing your AOA can affect strike quality and distance off the Tee.

Benefits of Angle of Attack

The benefits of a positive AOA can be huge. In my Students own game (See Below), using data from my FlightScope Xi Tour launch monitor it allowed him to hit the ball much farther and straighter than before without increasing clubhead speed.  This is because a positive AOA allowed him to launch the ball much higher, combine this with a lower spin rate and you have more distance.

Before Flightscope Xi Tour

After FlightsScope Xi Tour

How do we hit up on the ball?

Let’s look at some of the main ways we can achieve this.

  • Tee the ball higher than normal.
  • Placing the ball more forwards in your stance – opposite left foot – places the ball in the latter part of the swing arc
  • Having a wider stance exaggerates this effect
  • Adopting more spine tilt away from the target at address.

Please refer to the images below for the difference between a good driver set up and a poor set up for a driver.

Good Set up

  • Ball opposite left foot
  • Spine Tilt away from Target
  • Ball Teed up at the correct height
  • Wider Stance

Poor set up

  • Ball positioned too far back
  • Not enough spine tilt
  • Ball teed too low
  • Narrow stance

For all FlightScope lessons please contact Matt on or call the proshop on 01249 823 881

We have seen a definite shift in the weather over the last two weeks with autumn certainly showing its colours, cold mornings and a change to the trees are the big indicators.

The mornings are drawing in on the team’s morning start time with darkness persisting well past our regular 6am greenkeeper’s roll call, a shift to a later start time will be upon us shortly.

Rainfall is getting back to average with August seeing roughly 60mm and September looking at being slightly drier than average with just over 30mm having fallen as I write this, good conditions for soil management.


Recovery from anthracnose has been consistent and another sunny week will bring benefit as we continue with light feeding and topdressing. In addition to anthracnose we have seen the occurrence of a disease that we have been fortunate not to have to deal with in the past, the round patches of disease that are apparent are caused by a disease called take-all patch. As with anthracnose the occurrence of this is a knock-on from the summer heat.

It is most successful in affecting fine turf, particularly bentgrass, when wet winters and springs are followed by hot summers, a text book situation given the year that we have had. Further affecting the impact is the reduced fertility programme that we follow that give our bentgrass populations an advantage over our Poa annua populations. Recovery from take-all patch is best managed by maintaining little and often fertility inputs with particular attention given to pH of the products used and by altering trace element inputs.


Given the traffic and heavy use they receive, a deep aerate and heavy topdress have been applied to our tees over the last fortnight. A further round of aeration and topdressing will be undertaken in the next month to finish off the season and prep for the winter.

Work will shortly begin on expanding the 8th tee to give us a substantially larger teeing surface. The areas for white, yellow and purple tees will be expanded to the right and a path will be installed to manage traffic from the 7th green.


As per our usual winter work schedule we will be renovating a number of bunkers over the winter season. Once the schedule has been finalised those bunkers that will be renovated will be published.

We are seeing heavy traffic from animals through the bunkers this year, particularly from deer and hares, we do rake bunkers as often as we can to address this issue but please do help us in presenting your golf course by doing the right thing and raking your footprints if you are playing from bunkers.

Best Always,
Jaey Goodchild

Wedge play – controlling trajectory to lower your score.

As we all know, our glorious golf course presents us with challenges from every angle. However you choose to approach the course, playing to the green is where the majority of us can fall short.

Do you have the skills to play the ball high to that tight flag or the low shot to that back flag position? This week, we take a look at Low Wedge shots…

Low Wedges

To hit the low ball with the wedge we must achieve the following:

  1. Centered strike (Crucial for distance control and spin)
  2. Low loft at impact (Crucial for low launch)
  3. Low point control (Ball being struck first)


Here you can see the ball positioned towards my right foot at address with roughly 60% of my body weight favouring my lead side. The ball positioned further back in my stance will promote a lower loft of the golf club at impact.


During the backswing I resist the urge to break my wrists excessively like in a full swing of bunker shot. By keeping the club shaft in time with my torso in the backswing I’m able to control the amount of loft on the golf club.


Into impact the club shaft is positioned just ahead of the ball again showing that I have reduced the loft on the golf club, this will produce a lower flight from the golf ball.



Through the release you can see that the clubhead, club shaft and torso are all facing past the target. This shows that I have maintained control on the club face through impact for accuracy and control of launch.


Tip Breakdown for the low shot

  1. Ball position centre
  2. Hands just forward if the ball at address
  3. Resist the urge to break your wrists in the backswing
  4. Turn Torso, hands and clubhead together all the way through the shot and into the  finish

As our extraordinary summer draws to an end and conditions return to normal, we can breathe a little and reflect on the challenges we were presented with.

Both remedial work and regular greenkeeping are the flavour of the moment, and I will run through these further on in the blog. Through June, July and August to date we have received only 58mm of rain against evaporation losses of nearly 260mm, quite a shortfall. Irrigation does go some way to remedy the shortfall but you cannot beat rainwater.


Renovation went well, the team had the main operational work completed and the flags back on surfaces in time for play by Wednesday lunchtime. An excellent outcome and great effort from everyone involved.

The procedures that we undertook were slightly different from previous years, but allowed us to use a different method of overseeding bentgrass into the surface, giving new seedlings more space for establishment. By the close of work, we had spiked the surfaces twice with different methods, applying pure bentgrass seed while the holes were open, finishing off the programme with roughly 45 tonnes of sand topdressing. One of the keys to fast recovery is judging the precise amount of sand to be applied to the greens. Too little and the holes will not be filled and will remain open, while too much can lead to excess sand sitting on the surface that is unable to be incorporated into the sward. Applying multiple, light applications is the best way to achieve the balance.


Germination was as expected with seedlings becoming visible at seven days after seeding and the way forward from here is to nurse them to establishment through light, regular watering and feeding over the coming weeks.


One aspect of the hot spell that has impacted us strongly in places, is the summer decline of Poa annua (or annual meadow grass) on the greens. Anthracnose is a fungal summer blight disease that really takes hold once stress levels are high. Most significantly, when temperatures are reaching 24c or above for consecutive days. We usually suffer from this disease without impact to our bentgrass populations, although it does impact surface performance.

Moving to recovery from anthracnose involves frequent light feeding and conservative watering. This is to maintain a slightly dry surface which is counter to the establishment of the new bentgrass seedlings. As always, a fine balance to work within but day-on-day there is an improvement.

“Pitch marks cost putts”

The role that members and visitors can play in contributing to the on-going management and preservation of our putting surfaces is to be vigilant with the repair of pitch marks while playing, both their own and those spotted from previous groups. Unrepaired pitch marks present an ideal opportunity for weeds and disease to establish on the surface plus, most importantly for everyone who plays, they present a potential barrier to a successful putt. Pitch marks cost putts.

Approaches were subject to a simple topdress and spike during the week once greens were complete. These areas received 20 tonnes of sand topdressing and are due another topdress in the coming weeks.


Renovation week was the perfect opportunity to address problems which occur during the wet spells of winter by undertaking soil improvement work on carries and fairways. Following strong results from the trial of gypsum applications to the second fairway, we applied heavy applications to the following areas:

  • 12 fairway and carry
  • 7 fairway and carry
  • 6 carry
  • 2 carry
  • 9 carry
  • 17 fairway and carry

A total of 225 tonnes of pure sand were applied to these areas in addition to the gypsum and intensive aeration commenced while the dressing was underway. The ideal outcome of the works is to open up pore space within the clay soil through reacting with the gypsum. This creating greater network channels for water to infiltrate into the soil. Secondly, the sand will both dilute thatch accumulation on the surface and create channels from the surface into the soil.

Additionally, the driving range landing area was topdressed with 140 tonnes of sand, treated with gypsum and aerated twice. Aerating through the dry soil conditions allows the soil to shatter upon impact from the tines, creating a network of pore space radiating from each tine hole. The combination of these operations is expected to allow surface water to infiltrate the ground. By diluting the surface, it should result in less water being held in the top layer of the soil leading to firmer conditions through the winter.

We have a few small drain extensions that we will be installing over the coming weeks that will further contribute to improving these areas.

Other Areas

Following on from the dry spell, the team have begun treating areas where we have lost turf cover with light aeration and overseeding. We cannot treat everywhere so our focus will be on tees, approaches and green collars initially.

Long rough management has been continuing through grazing with sheep and topping to tidy up areas once the livestock has moved on. The next areas for grazing are the area central to 10 and 18 and the area adjacent to the first carry.

The team has undertaken a programme of harrowing (or raking) on the long rough areas between 4 and 14 plus between 10 and 11. The harrow effect has thinned out the base of the long areas removing the dense undergrowth. As with all of our rough management programmes the aim here is to reduce density to bring benefit to play and ball finding. It also allows less aggressive, more desirable grasses and gives flowers an opportunity to take hold.

Best Always,

Jaey Goodchild

Throughout August, our team has been putting Eminence Organics skin care products to the test. Find out how our Assistant Spa Manager, Amesha got on…

In early August, we proudly introduced Eminence Organics into The Spa at Bowood and the team couldn’t wait to start trailing the award-winning skincare products. After Spa Manager, Angela hopped onto the opportunity to try a selection of Eminence products (read all about her Eminence skin transformation here), next to step up to the mark was our dedicated Assistant Spa Manager, Amesha Llewellyns.

Having suffered for many years with acne, Amesha has been faced with the challenge of reducing long-lasting acne scars. Eminence has proactively been pioneering the reduction of acne scarring which made it a no-brainer for Amesha when volunteering to test some of Eminences products. Find out more about using Eminence to improve the appearance of acne scars here.

Getting to know Eminence Organics…

Superior skincare pioneers, Eminence Organics were founded in 1958, which in fact makes the remarkable brand 60 years old in 2018. This is without a doubt a huge testament to the organisations’ dedication, passion and commitment to bring new products to market within the organic skincare domain and is highly acclaimed by an elite celebrity following.

Some of the many celebrities include showgirl Dita Von Teese, actress Eva Longoria and newlywed, Megan Markle amongst others. These figureheads have actively endorsed the brand and claim to use products from the Eminence skincare collection as part of their daily beauty endeavours.

Unlike many other world-class skincare brands, what you see when you delve a little into the ethics and ethos behind these wonderful skincare products is most certainly noteworthy. All of Eminences’ skincare products are certified by B Corps, which describes itself as a formation of business leaders driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Eminence Organics are most certainly global leaders and we believe this deserves some recognition.

Amesha’s Skin Transformation

Amesha has been using the below Eminence Organics products each day both morning and evening for one week.

Amesha’s Feedback

“Acne has haunted me for almost all of my adult life. When it comes to trying to reduce the scaring I’d began to come to terms with the fact that it was probably never going to go away. Since using the below products from Eminence Organics, while I’ve still got quite a way to go to completely eradicating the scaring, I’m very pleased and impressed with how it has calmed down since before using the products. I’m going to continue to keep using Eminence for the foreseeable future and will keep you in the know with  how I’m getting on should you be subject to the same.”

Find out more about the products has Amesha been using…

Clear Skin Probiotic Cleanser
  • Details: This cleanser provides coolness and balance to your skin. This cream-gel treats oily and problem skin and reduces the visible signs of problem skin and breakouts without stripping the skin of moisture.
  • Ingredients: Cucumber juice, yogurt, sweet almond milk, tea tree oil, willow bark extract and BioComplex.
  • Results: Calms, cleanses the skin while reducing the appearance of blemishes and pore size. It also purifies and detoxes the skin.


Clear Skin Probiotic Moisturiser
  • Details: This ultra-light daily moisturiser detoxifies and clears the appearance of problem skin, reducing the appearance of irritation or clogged pores. It also helps prevent the appearance of blemishes and reduces the appearance of inflammation while the probiotics exfoliate and soothe the complexion.
  • Ingredients: Cucumber juice, yogurt, calendula oil, tea tree oil, willow bark extract and BioComplex.
  • Results: Improved problem skin areas and pore size appear minimised. Skin appears soft and noticeably smoother while moisture balance in the skin is enhanced.


Clear Skin Probiotic Masque
  • Details: This masque is a clear solution to problem skin. It can allow you to attain the appearance of a radiant and a clearer complexion thanks to cooling cucumber tones and refining yogurt, which exfoliates and eliminates the appearance of blemishes.
  • Ingredients: Yogurt, cucumber, shea butter, calendula, kaolin clay, stone crop, tea tree oil, BioComplex.
  • Results: Problem areas appear improved and skin is left soft and appears noticeably smoother. The appearance of pore size is also minimised.


Clear Skin Willow Bark Booster-Serum
  • Details: A deep-cleansing, clarifying peel solution with cotton round pads for problem skin types. This bark booster-serum clarifies and refines the complexion without irritation whilst also reducing the appearance of problem skin. It does this by removing surface impurities and dirt from the skin. The willow bark calms the look of skin helping to reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation. The peel reduces pore size and skin is left feeling clear, smooth and revitalised.
  • Ingredients: Willow bark, biosulpher, tomato extract, fruit acids, lactic acid, azeliac acid, lilac extract, salicylic acid.
  • Results: Problem areas are improved and pores are minimised. Skin is left noticeably smoother and the skin is prepared to receive further treatments for increased benefits.


Throughout August, our team has been putting Eminence Organics skin care products to the test. Find out how our Spa Manager Angela got on…

Here at The Spa at Bowood, the team couldn’t wait to get to work on trailing the products. Hot off the mark was, of course, our talented Spa Manager, Angela Covey.

Angela has had her eye on Eminence Organics for quite some time – and rightly so, given its impressive celebrity following and its unbound commitment to all things socially responsible, and of course, natural. It was inevitable, that once a bundle of Eminence products reached the hands of Ms. Covey, a longevous relationship was in the making.

A little bit about Eminence Organics...

Eminence Organics was founded in 1958, meaning the iconic brand will have been around for 60 years in 2018. This is a testament to the companies’ passion and commitment to innovation within the organic skincare area and supported by its enormous celebrity following.

A-list stars including Dita Von Teese, Eva Longoria and even Dutchess of Sussex, Megan Markle, amongst others, have actively endorsed the brand and claim to use products from the Eminence skincare collection as part of their daily beauty endeavors.

Unlike many other world-class skincare brands, what you see when you delve a little into the ethics and ethos behind these wonderful skincare products is most certainly noteworthy. All of Eminences’ skincare products are certified by B Corps, which describes itself as a formation of business leaders driving a global movement of people using business as a force for good.

Eminence Organics are not messing around, they are leaders in their own right internationally and we believe this deserves some recognition.

Angela’s Skin Transformation

See the before and after images at the end of this post!


Angela’s Feedback

“I’m always particularly wary about trying new skin care products as we’re often used to being misled or mis-sold treatments which are expensive and in essence have little, if any, positive impact on our skin. With Eminence Organics, it seemed from the offset that all my Christmases we’re arriving at once and so far it hasn’t disappointed. Since I started using the products at the beginning of August, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with them.

I find myself jumping out of bed in the morning in awe of starting my short but sweet beauty regime. Having been working within the spa industry for many years now, I feel very privileged to have come across Eminence and I’m very excited to discover what The Spa at Bowoods’ members and non-members think of the products in the coming months.”

Find out more about the products has Angela been using…

Hibiscus Ultra Eye Lift Cream
  • Details: Applicable using a refreshing stainless steel rollerball, the applicator gently massages the hibiscus and ice wine actives into the surrounding eye area giving instant tightness and lift.
  • Ingredients: Hibiscus, ice wine active, caffeine, botanical peptides, green algae and stevia extract.
  • Results: Rapidly reduces puffiness, reinvigorates tired eyes and irons out wrinkles, minimising darkness under and around the eyes.


No.3 Peaches & Cream Sun Defence Minerals
  • Details: No.3 uses hypoallergenic, non-pore clogging natural minerals which are water resistant and provide SPF 30 sun protection.
  • Ingredients: Minerals, micronized zinc oxide (sunscreen) and fruit extracts
  • Results: The vitamins provide nutrition and antioxidant protection. Noticeable improvements complexion by reducing skin imperfections such as redness or blotchiness.  Leaves skin feeling silky, matte and smooth even after one use. It also provides even coverage and is incredibly long wearing.


Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream
  • Details: This blend of hibiscus and botanical hyaluronic acid keeps skin looking firm and rich in moisture.
  • Ingredients: Hibiscus, acacia, edelweiss, paprika and botanical hyaluronic
  • Results: You can visibly see the results of this product within 2 minutes of application. It dramatically improves the elasticity of the skin making it appear instantly lifted and tightened whilst at the same time hydrating and revitalising the neck area making your skin look younger and brighter.


Bamboo Firming Fluid
  • Details: Award-winning and arguably the saving grace of tighter, brighter and hydrating skincare products.
  • Ingredients: Bamboo, coconut oil, coconut water, natural retinol alternative complex, PhytoCellTec ™ and monoi.
  • Results: Skin feels noticeably tighter, firmer with increased elasticity subsequently reducing the sign of aging. It also leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.