Discover the enhanced power of a heated basalt stones massage as we head into the depths of autumn…

This October, we’re spoiling you with a new ‘in’ and ‘out’ 45-minute specialist Hot Stones Back Massage.

While our Signature Hot Stones treatment usually lasts around 90-minutes and covers the whole body, this specialist back massage is perfect for those who are pushed for time but still require a little warming up as we head towards the winter.

Our Hot Stones Back Massage is a deeply relaxing medium to firm pressure massage. It utilises the power of heated basalt stones to relax, ease muscle tensions in the back and relieve soft tissue damage.

While Hot Stone Massage is one of the more commonly known treatments offered in various wellness centres, for those of you who aren’t too familiar here is a little introduction which will hopefully allow you to understand the many benefits it brings.

A little bit more about Hot Stones...

Here at The Spa at Bowood, we use basalt stones which are smooth, flat pebble like stones which are heated and then placed onto the spine.

Our expert therapists then use the heated stones in long and circular strokes to achieve a number of benefits outlined below.

The benefits of hot stones…

  • #1 Relieve Muscle Tension & Pain
  • #2 Reduces Stress & Anxiety
  • #3 Promotes Healthy Sleep
  • #4 Relieve Symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases
  • #5 Help Decrease Cancer Symptoms
  • #6 Boost Body Immunity

(Source credit: Healthline)

Would you like to book in this October?

This treatment is available throughout October either as an upgrade should you wish to join us for a Bowood Spa Day or Bowood Spa Break or to book as a treatment (£60.00 for 45-minutes).

Guests who take up our Treatment of the Month can also enjoy 10% off any of the products from the Eminence Organics range to take home with them.

To book, call us on 01249 823 883 or email us here.   


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This month, we’re showcasing all things beautiful despite cancer from the incredible Jennifer Young skincare range…

One of our favourite and most popular facials here at The Spa at Bowood is the Jennifer Young Glowing Facial. It combines soothing and gentle facial massage techniques, thus creating a blissfully relaxing state of mind which can even make some people drift off to sleep.

A Glowing Jennifer Young Facial also includes a gentle scalp massage which helps to release all of those tension in your neck, head and most importantly, in your mind.

The end product leaves you feeling new, clear-minded and your skin generously hydrated and ready for whatever lies ahead.

Step by step guide to a Jennifer Young Glowing Facial…

#1 Cleanse

At the beginning of the treatment, we use Jennifer Young’s Defiant Beauty Cleanse & Moisturise to remove the toxins, pollutants and dead skin whilst still hydrating your pores and replenishing your skin cells.

Fragrance-free and gentle when moisturising, if there’s one product you should take home with you it is this one.

#2 Cool & Refresh

This 100% organic spritz does exactly as it says on the bottle, it cools and refreshes the skin…

With hints of orange blossom, we use Jennifer Young’s Cool & Refresh to gently awaken the senses helping to clear your mind. Many people undergoing treatment often keep a bottle of this with them as it can help to ease any hot flushes you might have during your treatment.

#3 Mask

Full of essential oils which can help reduce tired skin and aid any signs of ageing…

We next apply a Jennifer Young Facial Mask supercharged with nourishing mango and shea butter which again helps to hydrate and sooth the skin.

#4 Serum

A blend of light oils to nourish the sensitive and delicate areas…

Once the mask has been removed, we apply a serum which consists of apricot kernel oil, rice bran oil, peach kernel oil and vitamin E. This serum helps to rejuvenate ‘chemo skin’ following treatment.

Would you like an autumn glow this September?

This treatment is available throughout September either as an upgrade should you wish to join us for a Bowood Spa Day or Bowood Spa Break or to book as a treatment (£80.00 for 55-minutes).

Guests who take up our Treatment of the Month can also enjoy 10% off any of the products from the Jennifer Young range to take home with them.

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How to avoid 'bunker bloopers' out on the course with help from Ben Emerson...

This month, we’ve been out on the course with our Head Golf Professional, Ben Emerson for a lesson on how to not allow bunkers to affect your overall performance out on the course.

Watch The Video

Want some more support?

If so, why not drop the Bowood Professional Team an email and book a short lesson to brush up on your technique or find out about some of our upcoming golf workshops.

You can do this by calling 01249 823 881 or by getting in touch with us here.


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This month, we're laying to rest our Muscle of the Month and instead switching the focus to specific exercises...

Following on from last month’s Muscle of the Month (The Deltoids), it is worth noting that the press up is another strengthening and toning technique which can be used to build your deltoids.

It can also help to strengthen your pectorals, triceps as well as build up your core strength. This month, we’re going to be focusing on the three various press up techniques which can be used to achieve your fitness goals.

#1 - Kneeling Press Up (Step One)

For those who perhaps aren’t so frequented with the press up, this can be a good exercise to start with in order to strengthen your core before you progress onto the full press up and incline press up which we will come onto shortly.

To begin with, you need to go onto all fours and cross whichever leg feels most comfortable over the top of the other one (see image).

#1 - Kneeling Press Up (Step Two)

Once you’re happy with the established position, transfer your weight from your knees to your upper body/shoulders and allow your arms to bend and your chest to move closer to the floor.

In order to maintain good form with this exercise, try to keep your elbows tucked in to your chest so you can achieve the full benefit of the transfer of weight.

Repeat this in reps taking short breaks in between to allow your muscles to recover before going again.

#2 - Full Press Up (Step One)

The second type of press-up, the Full Press Up, involves following a very similar technique, however, you must move the weight from your knees to the front of your feet (see image for example).

#2 - Full Press Up (Step Two)

Once you’ve established a comfortable and balanced footing, gradually lower your chest to the floor. Again keeping your elbows straight alongside your chest in order to get the maximum gain from the exercise.

Repeat this in reps taking short breaks in between to allow your muscles to recover before going again.

#3 - Inclined Press Up (Step One)

This technique is slightly more challenging, however, it is firstly incredibly important that the surface which you choose to use is stable and is not going to move as you apply your weight.

A square surface with a flat edge which is fixed or heavy is required to do this safely.

#3 - Inclined Press Up (Step Two)

Apply the same position as used in the full press up and again follow the same technique when lowering your chest towards your hands.

Want some more support?

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To find out more, call 01249 823 883 or get in touch here.

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In July & August, we undertook substantial course maintenance to further improve the greens. Find out more in our August's Course Review…

Straight into the weather – July and August saw typical periods of distinct weather patterns; either extended rainfall or periods of dry weather. Despite the dry spells, we still saw roughly 140mm (exceeding 5 inches) of rain through the five-week period which has in a number of ways benefited us and provided a good boost to soil water levels throughout the usual dry part of summer.

Growth levels of turf took a huge boost with the rainfall. Particularly with mild overnight temperatures and warm day time temperatures where you will see the number of clippings that are apparent on our fairways.

We have been dealing with these as best as time can allow through blowing and increasing our fairway mowing from three-to-four cuts per week as well as using a growth regulator to minimise clipping production. Additionally, increased rainfall has seen an early onset of worm casting across the mown areas leading to some smearing and fine mud mess to a few fairways. I’ll touch on this a little later.


We reverted our greens renovation programme for the summer back to an intensive operation like we were doing three years ago. The work involved hollow coring, solid tining and overseeding in addition to a heavy topdressing.

I just wanted to reiterate how the week actually panned out given the time restrictions in place. We are always at risk of having to adapt to changing weather conditions to fit the work in with the possibility of skipping an operation.

Following a productive day on Monday 29 July, the rainfall on Tuesday 30 July slowed our progress making the collection of the last few green’s cores a little difficult and slightly messy, but the crew pulled together and got it all finished. Wednesday carried on with topdressing and solid tining and the greens were back in play by Friday afternoon.

The three operations all play a distinct role in the upkeep of our greens as follows:

#1 – Hollow coring removes organic matter and provides an opportunity to create channels of clean sand that aid rainfall and irrigation infiltration once topdressing is incorporated and the cores are filled.

#2 – Solid tining provides small aeration channels that aid root development deeper into the soil profile and gives an opportunity for increased oxygen content in the soil.

This benefiting both root health and soil micro-organism populations. Tining also helps to “shake” the sand into the green surface and mix the sand with the existing root zone.

#3 – Overseeding with a slot-type machine beds the seed well into the soil providing solid seed/soil contact and gives the seed the best opportunity to establish beyond simply germinating.

The bentgrass varieties that we use for this operation have been specifically selected from a range of available varieties due to their fineness of leaf and disease resistance.


Our topdressing programme saw us use about 70 tonnes of graded sand across the greens throughout the week. This equating to 4.5kg of sand per square meter of green surface which took almost 90 loads with our top dresser to apply.

Following overseeding, we saw germination after roughly 6 days and clear rows of new seedlings after 8 days which are visible now. Recovery from the work was quite fast which is down to pre-treatment with fertiliser to ensure that the greens were growing strongly before work commenced.

A drop of rain over the proceeding days also aided growth and washed the sand into the surfaces; always working with nature!


Our fairway improvement programme continued in parallel with the greens work throughout the renovation week with one of our team working dedicated on topdressing both gypsum and sand across 7 fairways and carry areas. We applied the powdered gypsum initially and following heavy rain the following day (Tuesday 30 July) this was very well washed into the grass sward to the extent that it was almost not visible.

Applying gypsum produces a reaction with the clay in the soil that also increases the porosity of the soil, again allowing water to drain more quickly into the soil during periods of rainfall.

Following the gypsum application 180 tonnes of a coarse, washed sand was dressed across the same areas. The sand we use is one that I have sourced from quarries in Surrey, it is composed of a fairly narrow range of medium to large sand particles that allow it to maintain good porosity and hence allow water to freely drain into it when the sand is in situ.

This is the point where the rain really gave us a helping hand, in addition to daily irrigation, the rainfall washed the materials in well. We had no need to drag-brush to incorporate the topdressing materials and hence bringing the fairways back to a playable condition and rather importantly, allowing our mowers back out onto the surfaces to recommence mowing was straight forward.

While we wholly appreciate that this process is hugely disruptive to play when we undertake this work, the results are tangible and apparent almost immediately after completion. As we have had heavy rainfall and as autumn/winter approach, we will see ground conditions remain firm later and later into the winter.

We also see a reduction in worm casting on the fairways which is great as, due to recent legislative changes, we as turf managers no longer have access to any worm suppressing spray products. We are therefore always looking for processes that will decrease the impact of worm casting to playing surfaces.

Moving forward, while planning for the autumn and winter season has commenced, we will be pressing on with a number of projects both small and large, details to follow.

Signing off for this month, see you on the course.

Best always,

Jaey Goodchild

Head Greenkeeper


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After 12 months of using Eminence Organics Clear Skin Collection, we asked our Senior Spa Therapist, Amesha how she's been getting on in her quest to reduce her acne...

At the beginning of August 2018, Senior Spa Therapist Amesha embarked on a 4-week trial using Eminence Organics Clear Skin Starter Set (read how she got on here).

After years of using a plethora of different formulas and clear skin ranges, she was pleasantly surprised when after such a short period of time she noticed impressive results from the Eminence formulas.

Before using Eminence...

As you can see, prior to using Eminence Organics, Amesha was suffering from heightened acne and scaring as she had done for her whole adult life.

After 4 Weeks of using Eminence...

After just a few weeks of using Eminence, it is clear to see that the products were starting to work their organic magic on Amesha’s active acne but there was still some way to go to achieve clear skin.

After One Year of using Eminence...

After one year of using the products daily, we think you’ll agree that there has been a significant improvement, not only in diminishing the active acne but also reducing the scaring.

Amesha comments…

‘At first, I was optimistic that I might be able to get a hand on managing my day to day outbreaks but never in a million years did I think I’d be able to reduce the scaring after a lifetime of continual outbreaks. But low and behold, after sticking to my guns and using the products day in day out, I have managed to achieve something I never thought I’d be able to. Clear skin.’

To find out more about Eminence Organics Clear Skin range, read here.

Should you wish to purchase the starter set or any of the products in the range, please get in touch with our Spa Reception Team on 01249 823 883 or contact us via email.


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The common theme that these posts begin with should and will continue to be a summary of the weather of the previous few weeks, so here goes...

As most of you will have heard through the media, the effects of climate change are publicised more widely the trend in the UK is for extremes to dominate weather patterns and for the happy medium to become less common.

I think that the last four months is certainly demonstrating that trend with extended stretches of either one thing or the other since winter ended.


Following on from the cool, dry spell that we had through April and May, we ended up with a wet June and due to the high levels of cloud cover subsequently suffered from low light levels which gave us poor opportunity for growth. Our rainfall for June totalled at over 3 inches, almost 85mm (average 60mm).

July has given us some fantastic summer weather with extended stretches of sunshine and warm temperatures. Our irrigation regime has had to be quite intensive to keep up with turf requirements and I’m sure that those of you who are teeing off in the evenings have seen irrigation on relatively early.

We are in a good place generally with limited areas needing hand-watering by hose, mainly on greens where sprinkler cover is not quite sufficient. The result of this summer spell is a course that really looks like a summer golf course, seeing seasonal change is fantastic and gives a real reminder of where in the year we are.


Our greens have settled down nicely after the challenges of May and June with firm and smooth surfaces for the majority of July. We reduced the height of cut ever so slightly for the PGA Championships over the week allowing us to manage the speed differently for all of the pro’s coming for the week.

Greens renovation commences on Monday 29 July and the regime for this summer will be:

• Hollow tine
• Solid tine
• Overseed

Once hollow tining is complete, we will run a heavy sand topdressing over the greens and once they have had a quick brush we begin solid tining over the top of the holes. By doing this, we find that our sand settles into the holes more effectively and aids recovery more quickly.

As soon as we have completed a second topdress and brush after the solid tines we will begin our overseeding. During this phase, we will be incorporating a mixture of browntop bentgrass varieties, in line with previous years and complimenting the progression towards bentgrass dominated swards that we have been moving towards.


In addition to greens renovation, we will be undertaking an intensive programme of fairway renovation with a programme of sand topdressing, aeration and gypsum application. The goal of this programme is to further improve the playing conditions through the wetter times of the year, particularly from mid to late winter.

Using a combination of these techniques we will increase the pore space in our clay soils which will help to move rainfall off the surface and into the ground. The results we have seen on the driving range are a testament to the success of this programme.

The gypsum will be brushed in and irrigated regularly to incorporate it into the soil as quickly as possible, all the same though may I suggest white trousers for the few days following application.

Course Care

Our members’ bunker rakes are widely regarded as one of the best rakes on the market and are used worldwide across venues that all are familiar with. The greenkeeping team use the same rake only in a model with a wider head for efficiency reasons. They are the rake of choice for the team giving a fantastic finish.

The caveat on rake performance is this, they are only awesome when used in a pushing motion, moving the rake away from your body finishing with a light flick upwards at the end of the rake stroke. In a single sentence: Our rakes work best when you push them! Bear this in mind when you are tidying the sand after play.

Thank you for raking!

Best always,

Jaey Goodchild
Head Greenkeeper

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The Deltoids are better know as your shoulder muscles and give your shoulders their rounded shape. There are 3 main muscle fibres in the Shoulder.

Anterior delt (Front delt)

Lateral delt (Middle delt)

Posterior delt (rear dealt)

The Muscle

The Anterior Deltoid
Found in the front part of the shoulder and touches the chest muscles. The function of this muscle is to allow you to raise you arm out in front of you.

The Lateral Deltoid
The middle part of the muscle, found on the side of your shoulder and give your shoulders their width. The function of this muscle is to allow you to raise your arms to the side of your body.

The Posterior Deltoid
The back part of the muscle and its function is to allow you to move your arms horizontally from your body.


There are a number of exercise that can be used to increase the all round strength of the deltoid but Chris has demonstrated the upright row and the single are front raise here.


As always, stretching your muscles is very important post exercise.  Chris has demonstrated two classic stretches to help maintain mobility and keep your delts healthy post exercise.

If you have any questions regarding how to work or strengthen this group of muscles please contact a member of the Gym Team.

Devonshire golf pro Paul Hendriksen wins English PGA Championship...

Follow in the footsteps of Devonshire golf pro, Paul Hendriksen who won the English PGA Championship held at Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort, Wiltshire.

Last week, Devonshire golf pro, Paul Hendriksen kept a cool head in sweltering conditions to win the English PGA Championship at Bowood Hotel, Spa and Golf Resort.

Having played red hot golf to match the sizzling temperatures venue in the second round, the PGA Professional from Ivybridge Golf Club in Devon opted for a safety-first approach to claim victory.

Hendriksen’s last three visits to the course have seen him finish tied first, tied second and now first.  Celebrating his victory, Paul said…

‘I’ve always done well here, we’re lucky to have this venue in our region, the South West. We get to play a pro-am here every year and we used to have an Order of Merit event here as well.  I love the golf course and the whole set-up. It’s a real five-star resort, the course suits my game and I love coming back here. It’s great.’

Ben Emerson, our Director of Golf and Head PGA Professional at Bowood PGA Golf Course was delighted with the success of the event and commented…

‘It has been a real privilege hosting the 2019 PGA English Championship here. The prestigious competition comes to Bowood from Saunton Golf Club, as part of our new partnership with The PGA, as their official PGA Golf Course for the South West of England.

The course was set up more challenging for the professionals, with the rough high and players playing off a mixture of black and white tees, the course measured at 7011 yards for the week. Despite this, we witnessed some amazing golf, with 3 players shooting a -7 under 65, which shows the standard of players taking part.

We look forward to welcoming the PGA and the players back to Bowood when the championship returns in July 2020.’


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Autumnal colours and lakeside scenery within Bowood’s Capability Brown parkland return to BBC TV screens in 2019's new season of Poldark...

After last year’s dramatic lakeside duel, Ross Poldark made a sedate return to London’s Hyde Park in Series 5’s second episode (21st July 2019).

However, for actor Aidan Turner, other leading cast members, some 40 extras (including horses!), camera crew and many more involved in filming, last Sunday night’s five ‘Hyde Park’ scenes were in fact filmed here at Bowood where the action unfolded. The wide, open spaces of the historic Estate’s 2,000-acre Grade 1 listed Capability Brown parkland understudy Hyde Park and its lake suggests the Serpentine as Ross, Demelza and many more promenade, play and romance.

Filmed last October, the landscape wears the autumnal hues of Bowood’s Pleasure Grounds and Arboretum – well matched with the colours of Demelza’s costume and hair!

The romance of the surroundings clearly works its magic on young Geoffrey Charles Poldark as he secretly woos Cecily Hanson by the edge of the lake and in front of the Doric Temple, poised above its bank.

Children are also seen delighting in their outdoor play, with Ross and Demelza’s son riding his hobby horse and their daughter rolling her hoop. Present-day descendants of theirs are more likely to be found in Bowood’s highly-acclaimed Adventure Playground: whizzing down the Space Dive, tackling the aerial walkways, clambering aboard a life-size pirate’s galleon and then heading on to the Tractor Ted Little Farm.

The episode is set in 1800 at which time the Lansdowne family had lived at Bowood for the past 26 years. Today’s visitors to Bowood may dress very differently – and there are no swan boats being rowed across the lake  – but otherwise there is a timelessness to the setting that those of all ages can appreciate on a daily basis, annually from spring to autumn during Bowood House and Gardens’ open season.

This is the second year that Bowood appears in ‘Poldark’. In 2018, three episodes featured scenes filmed at Bowood: in addition to other ‘Hyde Park’ depictions, Bowood House’s Robert Adam Orangery and Italianate Terraces provided interior and exterior footage for fine houses of the day.

Four days of filming took place at Bowood last year for Series 5 in a roped-off area well away from the visiting public – although many were fascinated by the activity they could see in the distance. Since Sunday, many of our fans have posted on social media that they had recognised the location – and that the lakeside temple was a particular identifying clue.

In the coming weeks and on into autumn, the same landscape will be offering many more reasons (over and beyond costume drama filming) for more to head to Bowood. There’s the Classic Ibiza open-air concert (Saturday 3rd August), Summer Classic Car & Motorcycle Show (Sunday 18thAugust) and the Wiltshire Game & Country Fair (Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th September), to name a few.

At some point too during the summer, Bowood House and Gardens’ five millionth visitor is expected – probably around mid-August.  Having first opened to the public in 1975, Bowood annually attracts some 120,000 visitors – from toddlers to senior citizens. Whoever that five millionth visitor may be, they will be rewarded with a complimentary family season ticket for the rest of their life – as Bowood’s own long-running storyline continues into the future.

Bowood House

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Bowood Gardens

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