Operation Pollinator Awards 2015!

It isn’t something that is talked about on a day to day basis, except of course by our head greenkeeper Jaey and his team, however we have some exciting news that sets Bowood golf course apart from the others! We are pleased to announce that Bowood Hotel Spa & Golf Resort was shortlisted as a […]

October Garden Diary

If anybody were to ask when we are least busy in the garden I would have to say October. Having said this, it is often the time when we take holidays which leaves us with a three man team to maintain the garden. Bowood closes to the public in early November and it is at […]

September Garden Diary

For anybody that follows this blog they may think I am obsessed with the weather!  This is quite possible as it affects everything that happens throughout the garden.  We are an official recorder of rainfall for the met office and send off our results monthly.  The September entry, up to last Thursday, was nil and […]

Piglets are here!

It was a long wait but they are finally here! We are so thrilled and excited to announce that Petal has delivered seven perfect piglets! The bundles of joy arrived late on 4th September and were born in Tractor Ted’s Farm. Our Head Farmer Charley arrived early the following morning to find Petal had successfully […]

August Garden Diary

Where has the time gone? I cannot believe we are now in August.  The atmosphere has changed in recent weeks and a hint of Autumn has appeared.  Things are busy as always in the garden and we are now turning to annual yew (Taxus baccata) hedge cutting.  At the start this always feels like a […]

Pregnant Petal

This week saw a new friend join the farm when Petal the British Lopp Pig arrived on Wednesday afternoon. Petal has joined Tractor Ted’s Farm at Bowood with some exciting news to share too. She is pregnant expecting a bunch of lovely little piglets in the next few weeks. Petal’s due date is Thursday 28th […]

David Owen joins Bowood as Marketing Director

We have a new Marketing Director who will be heading up all marketing activity across the Bowood Estate. David Owen has spent the last 7 years in London working in the specialist conferencing, meeting and event venue sector. Before that David worked in the residential venue sector for DeVere venues and previously worked in sports […]

July Garden Diary

I am often asked: “when do the gardens look their  best?”  A very difficult question to answer.  The season starts with amazing spring bulbs closely followed by breath taking Whisteria and then on to roses.  We now reach a time when the first early flush of roses are over and sporadic flowering follows.  It is […]

Dog Show Fun and New Arrivals

There has been a lot going on at Tractor Ted’s Little Farm at Bowood over the past couple of weeks, where do we start? The annual Bowood Charity Dog Show and Summer Fair with Tractor Ted was a huge success! We saw around 12,000 visitors attend to enjoy a fantastic day in the sunshine with […]