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Fishing Permits

Bowood offers great fishing facilities.  From Coarse Fishing, Trout Fishing to Fly Fishing for Pike.

Fishing is by season ticket. Information on fees and an application form are available from the Estate Office.

Course Fishing

Coarse Fishing on Bowood lake is available to just fifty season permit holders only per annum. The season runs from 16th June to 14th March on this private Lake set in parkland landscaped by Capability Brown.  Twenty four fishing stages are situated around Bowood Lake in tranquil and scenic locations for fishermen to enjoy both the sport and unrivalled landscape.  Fishermen are requested to adhere to the code of conduct to ensure they respect the diversity of flora, fauna, and wildlife.  The Lake itself is well stocked with pike, bream, roach, tench, golden rudd and perch.  All fish must be returned to the water.

Fishing is only conducted within the hours of sunrise to sunset.  The Lake is not to be netted and regrettably guests are not allowed to accompany permit holders.

For more information on fees or to apply for a permit please click here, call 01249 812102 or email

Fly Fishing for Pike

Fly-fishing has long been a fascinating, demanding and challenging sport. Fly-fishing for pike takes it to a new level of excitement. The pike is our top fresh-water predator and is a hard-fighting, sporting quarry.

Bowood’s beautiful lake is home to some splendid, heavyweight pike. We also have the services of a knowledgeable, experienced guide. David Wolsoncroft-Dodds’ book, Fly-fishing for Pike, was published in 2010 by Quiller. David can take you out on the lake and help you in your quest to land a pike on a fly-rod. The boat is designed for fly-fishing and is equipped with a stealthy electric engine. David can provide help with your fly-casting and can supply top quality rods, reels and lines – along with some of his tried and tested pike flies. He can also show how to handle pike safely. The boat house gives you somewhere to take refuge when the English weather is unkind and is a perfect setting for lunch and revitalising coffee.

Over the years, Bowood has consistently produced specimen pike. The fishing is never over-exploited so should continue to be first class. The lake has an abundant supply of prey-fish to ensure that the pike thrive. It is an idyllic setting in which to enjoy some special fishing.

To arrange a session, contact David Wolsoncroft-Dodds please call 01249 890114 / 07909 716234 or email

Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing is available to a limited number of syndicate members between April and October on the stunning Chalk Stream Calstone Lake at the source of the River Marden.  The Lake is stocked with Rainbow Trout and there is an occasional introduction of Brown Trout.  Re-stocking takes place as necessary during the season until mid-September.

Fishing can take place on any day during the season between dawn and dusk.  The weekly bag limit is four trout.  Dry fly, wet fly or nymph may be used on the Lake with one fly on the case and no hook size to be over 10, except for damsel-fly or mayfly nymph, when long shank hooks may be used.  No lures are permitted.

Members’ guests are welcome on four days of the season, having given prior notice to the Syndicate Manager.  Guests’ catches must be included within the member’s weekly bag limit.   Rods are not transferable and no guest may fish unless accompanied by a syndicate member.  National Rivers Authority Licences are required.

Fishing policy: All Browns are to be carefully returned.  The first two Rainbows must be taken on each visit to the Lake except for after 15th September when all Rainbows caught, must be taken. Wading is not allowed.  All fish caught are to be entered in the returns book in the hut by the Lake to enable accurate monitoring of stocking requirements.

For more information on fees or to apply to be part of the syndicate please click here, call 01249 812102 or email